Russian Army forms 9 CBR Regiments


July 9, 2015

Russian Army forms 9 CBR Regiments

By bmpd

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Russian MOD Press Service Directorate announced on June 29, 2015, that its Chemical, Biological, Radiological Troops formed nine new regiments.

“The current development of CBR defense forces is aimed at ensuring they are capable of reacting to all possible threats–radiological, chemical, and biological,” said Major General Igor Klimov, CBR Troops deputy chief.

In his words, currently the Armed Forces have a well-prepared CBR forces grouping capable of fulfilling missions in pursuit of national interests.

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“One should note that only in 2014 combined arms armies received nine new CBR regiments,” Klimov underscored.

In addition, the four separate CBR brigades assigned to military districts had their structure optimized.

All military units and organizations established information security subunits.

“Between 2016 and 2020, the organization and structure of units and organizations belonging to CBR Troops will be perfected in order to carry out the CBR mission to protect Armed Forces groupings engaged in armed conflicts and local wars, and to counteract emergencies and conduct applied science research (chemistry, biology, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology),” Klimov noted.

As CBR Forces receive new types of equipment, its formations will adopt new organizational structures.

J.Hawk’s Comment: There are lots of stories which go viral that probably shouldn’t. “Sound and fury signifying nothing.” Then there are stories like this one which are of genuine import. Standing up new military formations is not done on a whim or as part of a fad, given the expenditure of resources such initiatives entail. Talk is cheap; military restructuring and expansion is not.The fact that we are seeing more than doubling of Russia’s CBR forces in a very short time indicates that the military and national leadership is anticipating a distinct possibility its armed forces might find themselves, at some point in foreseeable future, operating in a WMD-contaminated environment. That’s the only possible explanation of a move on such a scale. Of course, the big question is whether Russian forces are expected to operate under conditions of radiological contamination caused by their own or NATO tactical nukes, but that’s a question we can’t really answer without finding out what kinds of wargames the Russian General Staff is playing these days.

This is not the first such report in recent weeks. Earlier ones included the formation of the 1st Guards Tank Army and the establishment of Assault Sapper units, both of which point toward a certain offensive-mindedness of the Russian Ground Forces. As does the above news report.

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