Russian Army to re-activate the 10th Guards Tank Division close to Ukraine’s border


July 10, 2015

Russian Army to re-activate the 10th Guards Tank Division close to Ukraine’s border

By bmpd

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Our blog  sources tell us that in 2016 the Russian Ground Forces will reactivate the 10th Guards Tank Urals-Lvov, Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner, Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov Volunteer Division named after Marshal of the Soviet Union R. Ya. Malinovskiy, whose headquarters will be located in its original location in Boguchar (Voronezh Region) near the border with Ukraine.

The division will apparently serve as the core of the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army being deployed near the border with Ukraine, whose HQ was recently relocated to Voronezh from Mulino (Nizhniyy Novgorod Region).

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The information concerning the pending reactivation of the 10th GTD was confirmed by the well-known military expert Viktor Murakhovskiy who said that the division will be fully staffed by contract soldiers.

The 10th GTD was formed in early 1943 as the 30th Urals Volunteers Tank Corps which was redesignated as the 10th Guards Urals Volunteers Tank Corps, one of the most distinguished tank formations of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War which ended the war in Czechoslovakia. In the summer and fall of 1945 the corps was redesignated as the 10th Guards Urals-Lvov Tank Division which became part of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany as part of the 3rd Red Banner Combined Arms Army headquartered in Altengrabow.

The division, equipped with T-80B tanks, was withdrawn from Germany in 199301994 and stationed in the Voronezh region, with its HQ in Boguchar, with subordination to the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army (now in the Moscow Military District). In 1997, the division’s structure was expanded by the 6th Guards Motorized Rifle Berlin Order of Bohdan Khmelnitskiy Regiment (reformed from the 6th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Berlin Order of Khmelnitskiy Brigade), located in Kursk. In fact, the 6th GMRR was the only deployable regiment in the division, the remainder being cadred. The 6th GMRR participated in the Second Chechen Campaign.

On December 1, 2009, in process of “new model” reforms, the 10thGTD was deactivated, and its equipment was turned over to the 262nd Guards Storage Base and Tank Repair Facility which was to serve as a mobilization base for the 1st Guards Separate Tank Brigade. The 20th Guards CAA HQ was moved to Mulino from Voronezh.

Once the conflict in Ukraine began in 2014, there was information circulating about plans to deploy the 1st Guards Separate Tank Brigade in Boguchar as a permanent readiness formation but, as it now turns out, it was decided to re-activate the entire 10th Guards Tank Division. One may assume that, in addition to the 262nd Base, units used to reactivate the division will include the 9th Red Banner Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade from Dzerzhinsk and Nizhniy Novgorod, whose main forces have been permanently deployed to Boguchar since 2014-15.

In addition to the 10th Guards Tank Division, the 20th Guards CAA will include, as a minimum, the 33rd Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (formerly Mountain) which was recently transferred from Maikop (Adygeia), and a new separate motorized rifle brigade whose formation is planned for 2015 in Yelnya, Smolensk Region.

J.Hawk’s Comment: So, to recap. Recent news stories I posted here include so far: 1st Guards Tank Army, assault sappers, 9 CBR regiments, and now the 10th GTD, with divisions, in the current Russian operational thought, being mainly offensive formations (tank divisions particularly so), whereas separate brigades are used for delaying, defensive, and economy-of-force missions.

I think it also goes without saying that an elite offensive formation like this will no doubt be wholly equipped with T-14s, T-15s, Kurganets, Koalitsiya, and other brand-new systems we’ve seen at the 2015 Victory Parade.

But the best bit is the trolling.


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