Sharii videos: “Ukrainian checkpoint”, “Why I don’t show civilians killed in government territory”, “Prisoner interview”



Sharii’s people now do subs, enjoy. He has plenty more on his channel, everything older than a few days is generally subbed.

May need to click “CC” at bottom-right of the videos for the subs to come on.

“New and efficient” Ukrainian checkpoints (and they wonder why people keep joining the militias):

“Why I didn’t I show civilians killed in Avdeevka”:

“Rule of law” concerning prisoners:

Translations by Sharii Youtube channel. Posted by Tatzhit.

Disclaimer: The views presented herein represent only
the person being translated may not match those of the poster/translator or the Fort Russ team. The poster/translator does not guarantee all of the facts
mentioned are true. The article is presented as an interesting
perspective on the conflict and as an example of the views held by a
sizeable segment of the population.

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