Swedish daycare forces toddlers to take part in a gay parade


July 3, 2015

M. Crow


Posted by Kristina Rus

Swedish children in daycare forced to attend PRIDE parade

About 120 children were forced to attend a parade organised by the Swedish LGBT-lobby in the city of Gothenburg.

This daycare-parade was organised for the second time in two years as a part of  “West Pride” events. An event where different sexual minorities, usually half naked, parade on the streets of Gothenburg.

The children were told to repeat the slogan “Who are you allowed to love – whoever you want”. When asked about why the daycare children were made to attend the event, the daycare teacher Sara Ghazi said:

“We talk every day about human equality and that it doesn’t matter what sexuality or skin color one has…”

KR: Aren’t there enough zoo’s or museums in Sweden? 

It is news like this that make Russians oppose the gay lobby. While surely there are homophobes in Russia as in every country, most people are tolerant about what people choose to do behind close doors. But when the issue crosses into education and pertains to their children, expect to see very strong opposition in Russia. It is for this reason that gay parades were first banned on a LOCAL level in Russia. Note, that the LGBT issue only became more contentious in Russia after the gay lobby came out of Moscow gay clubs and began to force the issue into the mainstream. 

Although technology and globalization play a role in the symbiosis of cultures, each society has its own course, and to expect the same change to take hold simultaneously across the world is naive and dangerous. Even though Russia went to the extreme in regards to religion after the revolution of 1917, it has remained a conservative society at its core. While more progress towards tolerance needs to be made, the main problem is finding a consensus about the “red line,” and pushing the issue too far beyond that line will only force more backlash and achieve an opposite result.

PS The author of the above article had some more very strong words to say about the matter.

Original source: FriaTider

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