The masks are off: EU flags replaced with Right Sector flags in Lvov, Ukraine


July 14, 2015



Translated by Kristina Rus

Ukraine is not Europe

A symbolic gesture was made by the thugs of the “Right Sector”, replacing the EU flag for the flag of “Banderastadt” on July 12th in Lvov. Actually the move was quite logical, in accordance with the logic of expediency. When the suckers had to be brainwashed about Europe, you needed one flag. Now that the true face of Ukrainian Nazism is covered only by facemasks, a “blue rag with stars” is no longer needed by the Nazis. They have their own … historical banner.

The West and its spiritual followers, the Banderites attach great importance to symbols. This is the reason for “monument-fall” in Ukraine, name changes and the attack on historical memory. The immediate task of building a nationalist state is to erase the symbolism of a past great age from the minds. Old symbols must be quickly replaced with new ones. And the EU flag is no longer needed for “Banderastadt”. It played its role, has forced most of the population of Ukraine to destroy their old, albeit ugly state, on the wreckage of which the “right flag” must be installed, a flag, bequeathed by “the great Bandera”.

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