The New Russian Communist Manifesto


July 21, 2015

@Sumy-grad (Live Journal) 

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Translated by Kristina Rus

And again about the “Communist ideology”

In connection with yesterday’s publication of  the article about the First Communist community in Russia and the huge consequent feedback (comments, multiple personal requests, claims, arguments), I would like to:






remind (or “surprise” some of recent readers of my blog), what is meant here by “Communist ideology”.

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So, I will tell you all, dear, and ask to print it and hang on the wall near your bed (because I am tired to recycle the repeatedly recycled) that in Soviet publicism during the 1960-ies (the peak years of the Soviet era!) formed (on the basis of digestion of our outstanding “moralists” of mid-level works and classics of Marxism-Leninism and the Russian cosmists, and the great Russian writers…) the following view of communist ideology. (How successful is the term “communist”, I do not discuss here.)

Namely, the communist ideology is the ideology, which MUST accept the following 14 values and principles:

1.Peace in the whole world. The value of life and health of all our contemporaries and descendants.

2.Social and economic justice – in particular, decent and fair reward for socially useful work which takes into account the quantity, quality, social usefulness, the required qualifications and the responsibility of the employee.

3.Collectivism and mutual assistance in harmony with the values of individual freedom which uplift a human persona.

4.Compassion and conscience; humane, respectful relationships between people. Intolerance of humiliation of human dignity: all men are comrades.

5.Respect for personal and public temporary resource. The reprehensibility of wasting it on an empty pastime.

6.Honesty and nobility, personal modesty.

7.Love between a man and a woman. Education of children, support for young people in human development, the fulfilment of a positive potential.

8. Internationalism along with non-interference in the social organization of other nations, including nation-neighbors, among whom we, the people with communist ideology, live.

9. Access to fundamental general education and vocational training and participation in activities that promote social, cultural and technical progress.

10.The study of the mysteries of creation [also translates as Universe – мироздание (rus)] , the scientific worldview, secular (non-religious) way of development of society.

11.Access to achievements of science and technology, intellectual and cultural heritage, historical, archival and statistical information.

12.The opportunity to participate in creative [artistic] life and cultural interaction, facilitating the enjoyment of nature and art.

13.The preservation of historical memory about the contribution of the Soviet people to the common treasury of human civilization.

14.Historical optimism, confidence in a prosperous future.

This set of rules was very thoroughly discussed ten years ago among two dozen reputable scientists (born, coincidentally, in the mid 1930-ies, that is, those who absorbed the spirit of the Soviet era very well) and was recognized as the most credible.

All other principles are “hidden” behind this list. Just as to find a desired option on the phone menu, it is necessary sometimes to click six times.

This list is not set in stone! That is, there is a possibility that someone (wise!) will make a good suggestion that will correct some of these principles.

Well, that’s all I wanted to say. Print and hang on the wall. 🙂

P. S. I highly request to refrain from emotional, disrespectful criticism, insults and so on. Otherwise, you will be banned.

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