Updated: The Right Sector took the city of Lvov under its control


July 14, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Extremist organization “Right sector” had set up checkpoints around the city of Lvov and is de facto controlling the city, said the representative of the office of the Right Sector in the Lvov region, Taras Kuzyak.

“Our organization is on call going to all emergency situations [has taken over the function of municipal police – KR], de facto controls the city to avoid provocations. To this end, we set up roadblocks around the city,” – Kuzyak said Tuesday to UNN agency.

The Radicals of the “Right sector” deny involvement in the bombings near police stations in Lvov, which occurred Tuesday morning, and are confident that the organizers of the terrorist attacks are “anti-Ukrainian forces”.

The first explosion occurred on Tuesday near a police station in Lvov, when the officer of the Railway district police department unlocked the office on the Plugovaya street. According to the Interior Ministry, a mine was detonated. The injured lieutenant was hospitalized, his condition is estimated as critical.

Later in the day in Lvov there was another explosion, this time near a local police station, wounding inspector of the district department.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine tied the two morning explosions at police stations in Lvov with the events in the Transcarpathian region, where over the weekend there was a skirmish between the police and the radicals of the “Right sector”. The department has classified both the explosion as a terrorist attack.

The leader of the faction “Self-help” [Lvov based “Samopomosh” which favors decentralisation of Ukraine and more autonomy for Lvov – KR] in the Ukrainian Parliament, Oleg Berezyuk proposed to hold an urgent meeting of the council of the coalition and hear the report of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the head of the SBU and the Prosecutor General in connection with the bombings in Lvov.


Update from Searchnews.info: 

The public in Ukraine is inclined to think that the explosions are the work of the nationalists from the “Right sector”, who wanted to take control of the cultural capital of Ukraine [it has become a cultural center due to its Polish and Jewish heritage before it has been ‘purified’ by the banderites – KR], where they enjoy great support among the local population.

Recently it became known that in the fight against the current government of Ukraine the “Right sector” is supported by battalions “Azov”, “Tornado” and “OUN”.

The Right Sector consists of about 20 battalions, led by Dmitry Yarosh. Such a force is enough to take control of a few regions of Western Ukraine. The ATO can be started on two fronts.

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