The Rothschilds are preparing their monarch for the Russian throne


July 20, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

 In March 2013 the Congress of monarchist organizations from around the world announced Gosha Hohenzollern as the heir to the Russian Throne. Russia was represented by ex-vice-governor of Sverdlovsk region [Yekaterinburg – the site of the murder of the Russian royal family – KR], Anton Bakov, who had already declared himself the prime minister of the new monarchist Russia. 

 Matvienko and Naryshkin were also summoned, and given a task: to concoct on behalf of the Russian parliament a document confirming that Gosha is a legitimate “heir”, but temporarily living outside the borders of Russia!

 Then Gosha on behalf of his “great grandfather” Nicholas the II will sign a document to withdraw from the group of founders of the Fed, after which the Rothschilds will receive full legal control over all finances of the world. Then the Rothschilds can safely move to the island of Macau and launch a new world currency, for what they will immediately “dump” a lot of countries with large amounts of dollars and euros in cash. 

Our “opposition” will be given a command to begin rocking the situation in the country. Then, a-la-Nemtsov — Alekseeva — Navalny — Yashin, etc. will begin to destabilize the situation. And in the Caucasus, militants transferred from Syria will begin the seizure of Russian territories between the borders of Ukraine and Kazakhstan together with the local bandits.

Ротшильд готовит своего «монарха» на трон России
The bride of Prince George/

Above: The son of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, has an official girlfriend. The girl’s name is Rebecca Bettarini and she is the daughter of the Italian ambassador to Belgium.

Ротшильд готовит своего «монарха» на трон России

Above: The mother of Maria, Leonida with brother Irakly, the “Tsar of Georgia,” after the liberation of allied forces in Northern Italy (1945)

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