Transcarpathia: Donbass Deja-Vu?


July 20, 2015

Transcarpathia: Donbass Deja-Vu?

By J.Hawk

Looking at the just recently uploaded video showing the National Guard interact with the local population at one of its checkpoints in Transcarpathia, I’m reminded that the war on the Donbass started in a very similar fashion. Just people talking. Gradually using harsher and harsher rhetoric. And then moving up to weightier arguments…

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The Donbass scenario could very well unfold in Transcarpathia. Ukrainian nationalists seem to have the remarkable ability to start fights in empty rooms. They simply antagonize everyone they come in contact with. I suspect the main reason the guys were pulled over was simply because they were driving an expensive foreign-made car which obviously marked them for extortion. One wonders how many such incidents have taken place since Ukraine’s National Guard, which seems to view all civilians in areas where it operates as, at worst, the enemy or, at best, unpatriotic and insolent ingrates, deployed to Transcarpathia.

And the dozen or so Right Sector people whom they are “chasing” are probably not even in the same time zone anymore. Seriously, does anyone expect them to drive their bullet-holed SUVs with Polish and Czech tags right into a National Guard checkpoint? 

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