Transcarpathia’s regional prosecutor’s car torched in Uzhgorod


July 15, 2015

Novosti Novorossii

Translated by Kristina Rus

The situation in Transcarpathia continues to remain tense. After Saturday’s shootout between Ukrainian police and nationalist extremists from the “Right sector” in Mukachevo the epicenter of events shifted to the regional center of Uzhgorod.

On the night of July 15, the police department of Uzhgorod received a report about vehicles set on fire at Kapushanskaya street, 27 and 29. According to eyewitnesses, several explosions went off before the fire. First enflamed was the Mitsubishi Pajero, and then, standing next to it Chevrolet Lacetti. Locals say that one of the cars belongs to “the Right sector”.

At the same time on his social network page a member of the Public Council of the Uzhgorod City Council, Nikolay Pastukhov wrote that the Japanese car is the property of the regional prosecutor.

This was confirmed by the UBR channel:

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