Tu-160M2 series production to resume in 2023

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July 19, 2015

Tu-160M2 series production to resume in 2023

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Series production of the Tu-160M2 will resume in 2023, and the PAK-DA future strategic bomber project will be pushed back in time. Deputy Minister of Defense Yuriy Borisov made the announcement when visiting the Kuznetsov plant in Samara.

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“The PAK-DA project will be pushed back, otherwise what’s the sense?” Borisov replied to journalists’ questions whether the resumption of Tu-160 production will affect the PAK-DA. Moreover, the Samara plant will receive significant orders to build NK-32 engines for the new bomber variant. The MOD will order about 20-22 engines every year, and the plant will also be responsible for the maintenance of the Tu-160s already in service. The updated NK-32 will allow the Tu-160 to extend its maximum range by 1000km.

“We are planning to fit the new NK-32 to the new version of the Tu-160. The engine has gone a thorough modernization: it is now more ergonomic, more powerful, more efficient,” Borisov said.
According to the Deputy Minister of Defense, the Russian Armed Forces will receive at least 3 Tu-160M2 bombers a year starting with 2023. The modernized Tu-160M will be ready by 2021, and the thoroughly redesigned Tu-160M2 by 2023.

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