Ukraine stops paying for children’s cancer treatments abroad, bans Russian vaccines


July 15, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Ukraine does not have its own tetanus vaccine, but Yatsenyuk banned buying the Russian one

Terminating budget allocations for treatment of children with cancer abroad — is one of the biggest crimes of Yatsenyuk government, which kills Ukrainian children in Belarus and Ukraine.

This was stated by the former commissioner of the President on the rights of the children, now an MP Yuriy Pavlenko.

Former children’s ombudsman stressed that he had repeatedly appealed to Kvitashvili, but the [Georgian] Minister of Health is simply lying to MPs, as well as the media.

“Repeatedly asked, fought .. He is only lying to us. Me too. I made a request to the minister — as far as implementation of the national plan of action of the Convention for the Rights of Children. There is a paragraph on the provision of treatment of children. They lied — said that all is well, all fulfilled. And anyway, that they stopped payments of allocated budget funds for the cancer treatment of children abroad – is one of the biggest crimes of the government of Yatsenyuk. As a result of the inaction of the minister Kvitashvili not only Ukrainian children, who are in Belarus, are dying, but also here in Ukraine,” – he said.

According to Yuriy Pavlenko, every Ukrainian child is at risk of death because at the Ukrainian state hospitals there are no regular tetanus vaccines required for all children because they were made in Russia, and were banned from importing.

“Today each child in Ukraine is at risk of death — even anyone who is injured on the street. Because there are not even any tetanus vaccines, necessary for all kids in case of injury. The first thing we should have is tetanus vaccines, to avoid contagion. There are none. Moreover, it is completely unavailable in the country, because it is produced in Russia, and Russian medicine was banned. But nothing new was offered. Hospitals are afraid to accept children because they cannot provide full assistance”, — summed up the MP.

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