Ukraine to lift Donbass blockade?


July 24, 2015

Ukraine will create a trading network along the border with Donetsk Region
By Aleksandr Sabiy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The head of Donetsk Region administration Pavel Zhebrovskiy said that a trading network will be established within the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Donetsk Region. These centers will sell food, household chemicals, and medicines. They will also contain ATMs.

“In my capacity as the head of the military-civil administration, I received instructions from the President to create logistics centers between the Zero Kilometer and the checkpoints. Two will be established in the near future, and a third one later,” Zhebrovskiy said.

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There are plans to open several similar logistics centers, according to the announcement.

The press service added the following: “The first two centers will appear between Mayorsk and Zaitsevo, in the Artyomovsk sector. Another one near Novotroitskoye, beyond the Bugas. The third one will be near Gnutovo. The Volnovakha checkpoint near Bugas will be moved to Novotroitskoye.”

The logistics centers will include Oshchadbank terminals to allow retirees to collect their pensions, Zhebrovskiy concluded.

J.Hawk’s Comment: This is in fact major news, and it follows on the heels of the most recent Minsk Contact Group meetings. It also follows on the heels of another round of Pyatt-Nuland finger-wagging–it’s hard to tell which of those two factors influenced Poroshenko more. But, one way or another, it’s another step toward the endgame.

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