Ukraine’s alternative to Russian gas: wood


July 1, 2015

Ukraine’s alternative to Russian gas: wood

By Igor Korotchenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Rossiya-24 TV channel only just ran a story: having declined to purchase Russian gas, Ukraine is adopting firewood on a large scale. Shut the front door! I didn’t know what to do: laugh or cry? A question to Ukrainian bloggers: dear colleagues, is it a complete nut-house over there right now?

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P.S. Ukrainian car owners are equipping their iron horses with these types of devices which allow to use wood instead of gasoline. How widespread a phenomenon is this in Ukraine?

J.Hawk’s Comment: And do you know the most recent case of a major European country using wood gas generators on a widespread scale? Nazi Germany, 1944/45:

Verily, the end is nigh.

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