Ukraine’s “Channel 17” negotiates a POW release live on air, pushing renewed official efforts


The video pretty much speaks for itself (english voiceover). Cool story,
obviously everyone is trying to get some news exposure, but they did
get a wounded man released.

 Here is a short clip from the big video, the most interesting parts in my opinion (5 min):

Translator’s notes:

The rise of civil society against the backdrop of incapable or unwilling
governments is really quite interesting – both sides in the Ukrainian
civil war rely very heavily on non-state actors, often small
organizations of a few people, to provide necessary supplies (in
after the Kiev
government started a blockade of food, water, and medicine,
they also supply the civilian population). Both sides
are also quite reliant on volunteer fighters, especially the
all-volunteer Donbass militias. Volunteers have also handled a lot of
POW exchanges and body recovery (in fact, as far as I understand, UAF
doesn’t do body recovery – it’s all done by volunteers). Here we can see
it live.

About the people who made the video:

Everything in Ukraine is bought&paid for by oligarchs; even if you
have other sources of funding, you can’t operate without their
protection – certainly not if you’re any sort of mass media.

So, the only question to be asked about any news channel is – which
oligarch does it work for? When it comes to Channel 17, I personally
don’t know for sure. They are a relatively new outfit with unclear
goals. Some link them to the oligarchs from Donbass area.

In this video they seem to be promoting Kolomoiski’s right-hand man
Filatov – the very same “PR before elections” General Ruban speaks
against in this video. Then again, they may just be giving Filatov PR
in exchange for an ambulance, free passage though Dnepropetrovsk
checkpoints, and hospital costs for the released POW – even good deeds
of oligarchs come with a pricetag.

Source: Channel 17 – Youtube . Voiceover by Tatzhit.

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