Ukraine’s Ludicrous Attempts to Pass Administrative Reform off as ‘Decentralization’.


July 3rd, 2015 –

– Reported from Donetsk, July 2, via Donetsk News Agency –

Andrey Purgin

Kiev imitates provisioned by the Minsk Agreement decentralization of state power in Ukraine with the help of an administrative reform, claimed Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Andrey Purgin.

“Ukraine carries out an administrative reform in order to present it as decentralization. Instead of decentralization and federalization they carry out an administrative reform  – reshaping of administrative units, inclusion of settlements in composition of cities, — the Speaker of the DPR Parliament said. — We leave the administrative division as it was before the war”.

Purgin characterized Kiev’s attempts to replace decentralization with reforms of the above-described type as “sham”.


Editor J. Flores Note:  Ukraine attempts to fool itself and some in Europe into thinking it is complying with terms of the Minsk II agreement, however it is not.  This agreement specifically names the Contact Group as the representatives of the DPR and LPR whom a government in Kiev must agree with.  They cannot appoint their own leaders to talk to.  They cannot confer with their own Rada and then declare ‘job well done’. 

Moreover, they cannot claim decentralization without constitutional changes, which change the nature of the state; these may require new elections but by definition would be a new government and a new state. 

These attempts mirror they manner in which the Kiev Junta has tried to manage the issue of the so-called Volunteer Battalions.  Under the terms of the Minsk II agreement, these are to cease operations.  Instead, the Kiev government has tried to redefine them as new battalions in the regular army; but nevertheless the same command structures exist which functionally (and, in terms of Minsk II – legally) place them outside of the actual and legal Ukrainian armed forces. 


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