Ukrainian Counterrevolution

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Cars burn in Mukachevo standoff between the Right Sector and the Kiev authorities 

Andre Vadjra, Editor of

(the real identity of Andre Vadjra, residing in Kiev, is unknown)

Regnum Information Agency

Translated by Kristina Rus

Andre Vadjra posted on his Live Journal blog: I wrote about the essence of the events in Mukachevo two days prior to their commencement in the article “Ukrainian Counterrrevolution”.

KIEV, July 8 – Ukraine resembles a layer cake, with the American embassy being the cherry on top. It should be noted that the DPR-LPR are no longer a part of the above mentioned “cake,” but a slice. Therefore, in this case we are not talking about Donbass, but about those “layers”, which are under the jurisdiction of Kiev, but represent something distinct in a common space of Ukrainian statehood. First of all, I am referring to the “separatist” South-East, where the Ukrainian forces are in the same position as the German occupation forces of 1941-1943.

In the South-East, Ukraine now exists wherever there are armed forces, reinforced by units of the Interior Ministry and SBU, and where there are none, there is a vacuum, there is no Ukraine. Interestingly, there are plenty of similar vacuums in the West of the country. They are not so obvious. They are not visible at first sight. But in a certain situation the territorial integrity of Ukraine may plunge into these black holes from Uzhgorod to Rivne and Chernivtsi.

However, such “vacuums” of Ukrainian statehood are not so much geographical as psychological in origin, reflected in geography. “Vacuums” of Ukrainian statehood are in the heads of citizens of Ukraine. Moreover, the presence of these “vacuums” are not subject to any political preferences. A supporter of the idea of a “Great Ukraine” can cause much more harm to the Ukrainian statehood than a supporter of the “Russian World”. This paradox was clearly demonstrated by Maidan. Now this is effectively proven by the official representatives of the Ukrainian statehood and armed Ukrainian patriots.

Hardly anyone in their right mind can argue the obvious fact that no external enemy could inflict more damage to Ukraine than the Ukrainian government itself. As the Bible says, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. Their fruits are the economic “ruin,” the collapse of the state and a civil war. The current Ukraine is an overripe (much to rotting) fruit that has fallen into other than Ukrainian hands. Significantly, the Ukrainian government, which inflicted the damage to Ukraine almost incompatible with life, is now confronted by armed Ukrainian patriots, organized in the so-called volunteer battalions, which inflicted no less damage to Ukraine. This opposition is largely due to objective circumstances.

Even Mao had once said that “power comes from the rifle”. However, the “rifle” in the hands of “volunteer battalions” did not give them power. Thousands of armed people in Ukraine, enthusiastically playing the role of Ukrainian patriots, feel shorthanded. The “revolution of dignity”, of which they became the driving force, did not give them any authority or that version of Ukraine, for which they went to the barricades of Maidan, and are now dying in the ATO zone. The “field” power is in their hands. But this power is anarchy beyond any laws and constitutions. This power — is the power of murderers, robbers and rapists. It is real, but it is local and relies only on the “rifle”. This makes it unstable, and most importantly — temporary. The “volunteer battalions” understand that the only control over Kiev can legitimize the murders, rapes and looting, committed by them. Only in this case the violence committed by them can turn into policy.

However, there is not enough state power for everyone. To obtain this power, one should fight. And the “volunteer battalions” are aware of this. Hence their aggressive parades in Kiev in honor of Svyatoslav’s victory over the Khazar khanate. But the same is understood by the “Khazars” sitting in the capital who are so hated by the Ukrainian patriots. Therefore an aggressively-nationalistic pathos is growing among the “volunteers”, and extreme concern about the “suddenly appeared” in the area of ATO neo-Nazis, semi-criminal gangs the likes of police battalion “Tornado” is growing among the representatives of power in Ukraine.

Back in August 2014, the U.S. publication “Foreign Policy” sounded the anti-fascist alarm, reporting that the state administration building in Mariupol was adorned with symbols of the Third Reich, and the volunteer battalion “Azov” is an “openly neo-Nazi formation”, the banner of which sports the “black sun” — the Nazi occult symbol. In September of this year “Amnesty International” released a report which showed that the volunteer battalion “Aidar” was engaged in kidnapping, abuse of prisoners and captured civilians, looting, theft, blackmail, extortion and executions in the ATO zone. According to “Amnesty International”, some of the acts committed by the soldiers of this battalion can be qualified as war crimes in accordance with international law.

In December 2014 “Human Rights Watch” also expressed its concern about the human rights violations in Donbass by Kiev-controlled “volunteer battalions”. 

“We are concerned by the numerous cases of human rights violations by the volunteer battalions, and we advocate that the volunteer battalions are included in the system of the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, — said at a press conference the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth.

 In the end, all the “volunteer battalions” (except the “Right Sector”) were included in the system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but their nature and their actions have not changed. Technically, they were eliminated, but de facto they continued to exist under the guise of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry.

This is evidenced by the official documents of the Ukrainian authorities, published by the group of hackers “CyberBerkut” in July 2015, which speak of murder, rape, torture and kidnapping, practiced by the Ukrainian “volunteer battalions” in the ATO zone. The report of the military prosecutor of the Southern region of Ukraine talks not only about the atrocities of such infamous units as “Aidar” or “Tornado”, but also dozens of other “volunteer battalions”. According to the documents of the prosecutor, “volunteers” account for more than 200 crimes only in the Lugansk region and only in June 2015. 

What does all of this mean? That the so-called volunteer battalions, consisting of ideological Nazis, the criminal element and other patriots of Ukraine, represent quite a formidable force, which the current Ukrainian government is unable to control. For example, the report of the OSCE monitoring mission of July 5 says that the units of the nationalist group “Right Sector” do not obey the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the Ukrainian military can do nothing about it. The “volunteers” are not just a powerful destabilizing factor, but also a potential threat to the existence of the current political regime in Ukraine.

This is understood not only in Kiev but also in Washington. It is no accident that in June 2015, when the U.S. Congress approved the amendments proposed by Republican John Conyers prohibiting U.S. military instructors to train the most obvious in their Nazism battalion “Azov”. 

“I am grateful to the house of representatives for the fact that they unanimously adopted my amendment yesterday, thus confirming that our armed forces will not train the despicable neo-Nazi battalion “Azov”,” – said Conyers. 

Worried by the neo-Nazi threat “suddenly appearing” in Ukraine, the U.S. is ready to make every effort to sweep the ranks of the Ukrainian army and Interior Ministry. The U.S. intelligence services and even the NATO experts based on the Ukrainian territory are already hard at work. The need for rapid neutralization of “extremists” was declared by NATO assistant Secretary General for South Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai:

 “All member states of the alliance want to see the extremists eliminated from the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as quickly as possible,” – he said very frankly.

The West is particularly motivated to fight with the “Right Sector”, defiantly maintaining their status independent from the Ukrainian authorities allowing them to have their own views on key issues. Americans are taking the threat posed by this organization so seriously that they even launched an information war against it in the Western and Ukrainian media, which is managed by the Ukrainian branch of the NGO “Peacebuilding UK” headed by a U.S. citizen Almut Rochovansky.

The mission of “Peacebuilding UK” is to urgently formulate a negative information image of Ukrainian nationalist groups. Now the Americans are meticulously shaping a negative image of the “Right Sector”, “Azov” and other neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist groups. This is evidenced by publications in mass media, and occasional scandals involving criminal activity of “volunteer battalions”.

That the days of Ukrainian “volunteers” are numbered is evidenced by their negative public image purposefully cultivated in the West. For example, recently, the administration of Berlin’s Charlottenburg district withdrew a Ukrainian film “The Ukrainians” (in Ukraine the film known as “Добровольці божої чоти”) from the program of the Berlin film festival. 

According to “Neues Deutschland” this is a “controversial film, which talks about the battles of right-wing Ukrainian formations for the city of Donetsk”. 

The reason for this decision was the investigation of the German anti-Nazi community, which pointed out the connection of the characters and the authors of the film with Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Recently the Ukrainian and Western media began an active information campaign to discredit the Ukrainian nationalists, who, in fact, where the driving force of “Maidan” and the so-called anti-terrorist operation in Donbass. Now the Ukrainian patriots are vigorously branded for allegedly having links to Putin and hidden anti-Ukrainian activities aimed at discrediting the political regime of Poroshenko — Yatsenyuk and the entire Ukraine. In essence, before our eyes the “revolution of dignity” devours its heroes. In fact an informational groundwork has been started for the elimination of “volunteer battalions” as the uncontrollable and anti-systemic force that could not be put in line and integrated into the post-Maidan political regime. Now Kiev and Washington are considering the colorful variety of Ukrainian nationalists and patriots as the main internal threat, which must be urgently liquidated.

However, it is not clear how Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are going to eliminate their armed opponents who once brought them to power. The “volunteer battalions” will not scatter on a shout from Kiev. Last year Kiev sent them into the “grinder” of Donbass cauldrons, where most of the “volunteers” found their resting place. It doesn’t work anymore. Everyone smartened up. No one is eager to go to the front. Therefore, it is difficult to understand how Kiev and Washington will solve this problem. But there is no doubt that they will try to solve it.

KR: The main issue is the Ukrainian media and post-the post-Maidan establishment, which function as a russophobic extremist generating factory. The problem is in the heads, how can the russophobic Kiev establishment fight against its most zealous counterparts? This is why both the extremists and the post-Maidan Kiev establishment are ultimately doomed.

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