Ukrainian military launches airstrikes against Right Sector


July 18. 2015

Ukrainian military launches airstrikes against Right Sector

Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

According to available information published by and, at approximately 2000 hours an Mi-8 helicopter equipped with anti-tank guided missile launchers delivered a group of Ukrainian soldiers to between the town of Velikoye Bereznoye and the village of Zabryd. Right Sector positions located in the forested area were subsequently subjected to an airstrike.

J.Hawk’s Comment: All this because of a dozen Right Sector militants? Who, frankly, might not even be there anymore, given how close this area is to Poland and Slovakia? It seems like a gross over-reaction, but one has to remember that the Ukrainian military literally doesn’t know how to act in any other way after a year of fighting on the Donbass. And we know how effective they were in the East…

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