Ukrainian troops at Polish military training centers


July 3, 2015

Ukrainian troops at Polish military training centers

Translated from Polish by J.Hawk

Two UAF officers and five non-commissioned officers (NCOs) arrived in Poland on a working visit. They will acquaint themselves with, among others, the NCO training system and NCO tasks in the Polish military.

The visit began on Monday. The NCOs are warrant officers dealing with NCO matters in the Ukrainian MOD and various branches of forces. The delegation also includes two GenStaff colonels responsible for the NCO training system. The Ukrainians are to familiarize themselves with Polish NCO training programs, their tasks at various levels of command, and professional development paths. The meetings are taking place at NCO Training Centers in Poznan and Zegrz. Polish soldiers will show the Ukrainian visitors the training bases, logistics basis, and training simulators. The officers visited the Combined Arms General HQ.

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The visit precedes the start of the UAF training cycle which is to start in the fall. In September, a group of 20 officers and NCOs, mostly instructors, will arrive in Poland for a month. The October training course is intended solely for 30 instructors from Ukrainian training centers. It is supposed to prepare them to conduct training in accordance with NATO standards which Ukrainians want to pattern themselves on.

These training activities are part of the NATO program called DEEP Ukraine: preparing instructors using Polish training bases in accordance with NATO standards. Program participants include USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Its leadership includes Gen. Boguslaw Pacek, an advisor to the Minister of Defense. Most of the costs are covered by NATO.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Fresh from its stellar success in training Afghan and Iraqi troops, NATO tries its hand at applying the winning formula in Ukraine. “DEEP Ukraine”…Indeed, Ukraine is pretty deep in it.

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