UPA monuments being destroyed in Poland


July 8, 2015

UPA monuments being destroyed in Poland

Translated from Polish by J.Hawk

This is yet another case of an UPA monument being destroyed in Poland in recent times. There were two additional such attacks in Werchata and Radruz in late June.

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) is responsible for the genocide of 100 thousand Poles during and shortly after WW2. It also operated on post-war Poland’s eastern territories. Its activities were curtailed only by the Operation Wisla, for which the Polish Senate apologized in 1990.

J.Hawk’s Comment: This is standard Polish patriotic graffiti utilizing the symbols of Poland’s WW2-era underground. The monuments were built in the last couple of decades as part of Poland’s “eastern policy” of improving its relations with Ukraine and, quite possibly, establishing Poland as Ukraine’s “European mentor”.

It’s not known who the responsible parties are, but it’s not too difficult to guess. Poland has its own Right Sector wannabes who take turns defacing monuments, including to Red Army soldiers and commanders and the Jewish victims of the Nazi occupation. Should Poland suffer a serious economic crisis (and its situation is not all that terrific even right now, although it is one of the best-performing EU members in that part of Europe), we are liable to see a revival of Polish nationalism of the worst kind.  We are also likely to see a gradual deterioration of Poland-Ukraine relations which is, alas, a natural consequence of Ukraine’s UPA glorification.

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