Updated: Transcarpathian Rusyns solved the conflict in Mukachevo on Facebook


Transcarpathia/RIA Novosti/Oleg Lastochkin

July 14, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The Rusyns of Transcarpathia solved the conflict in Mukachevo 

Residents of Transcarpathia claim in social networks that the region was rocked by an ethnic conflict between Ukrainians and Rusyns.

In particular, this was posted on his page on Facebook by a blogger from Transcarpathia, Vasyl Mavrodi:

 “Transcarpathians, as much as you would like to call them Ukrainians — they have never been and never will be… Transcarpathians are Rusyns. Nation recognized by the UN, but not recognized by the “united country”. Rusyn – is a person who has a minimum of two passports and speaks at least three languages. The people here live better than anyone in Ukraine. The basis of income – wages and smuggling. I know the surrounding mountains like the back of my hand and can pass any border where and when I want to. All activities here are illegal. Transportation of stolen cars, illegal importation, counterfeiting, etc,” – he wrote.

Touching on Mukachevo incident, Mavrodi writes that “the leader” of the Transcarpathian “Right Sector” (Roman Stoika — ed.) decided to get a share in the illegal business, taking it from the Rusyns, who were engaged in smuggling since the Soviet times. 

Further in his account on Facebook a blogger Sasha Gonda talked about the situation:

1. Main coordinator of clashes in Mukachevo is a member of Right sector, Roman Stoika (controls smuggling and takes a cut from customs officials) 

2. V. Stoika (Roman’s father) is one of the senior staff of the SBU in the Transcarpathian region. 

3. Acting head of the SBU in the Transcarpathian region – V. Geletey [brother of former the former Minister of Defence Valery Geletey – KR]

4. Daughter of V. Geletey is married to the son of deputy V. Baloga. 

5. V. Baloga controls the main channels of cigarette smuggling in the region.

6. V. Baloga financially supports the Right Sector of Transcarpathia 

7. Deputy M. Lagno [aka crime boss Blyuk – KR] in the mid 90’s protected V. Baloga (until he went into politics). 

8. Right Sector comes with claims on the subject of smuggling to M. Lagno. 

9. V. Baloga acts as a negotiator with the Right Sector. 

And the media that belongs to Baloga (Baloga’s relative is editor of “Transcarpathia Online”) delivers the information that Right Sector is not to blame. 

His post Gonda addressed to deputies Anton Gerashchenko, Sergey Leshchenko, Boris Filatov, Mustafa Nayem, as well as the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. 

Recall that Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk dismissed the entire leadership of the Transcarpathian customs service.

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