Vehicle used in Right Sector attack in Mukachevo may have been donated from Poland


July 14, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The boomerang effect…

I imagine how they will be amazed, if it turns out that their aid went not just to the volunteers, but those banderites, whose grandfathers genocided and holocausted their Polish grandfathers in Volyn. 

During the events in Mukachevo the representatives of the “Right Sector” used Nissan Navara with Polish plates – GKS F191. This license plate of Kostsezhinsky county, Pomeranian voivodeship. Car is insured at a Polish insurance company, PZU. Insurance policy – DII ~ 00074617.

This event has already attracted the attention of the Polish media.

If it is confirmed that it is one of the cars that the poles gave to the volunteer battalions and EXCLUSIVELY for the fighting in the East, the consequences will be unpredictable. It is clear that then Ukraine can forget about any help from Poland (and later, probably, from other countries).

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