Video: Flores on Armenia and the Color-Spring Tactic

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July 8th, 2015

Fort Russ

A discussion with Flores about some of the surrounding history relating to his article, Electric Yerevan and Lessons of the Color-Spring Tactic

“When Armenia joined Eurasian Economic Union on January 2nd, 2015, it made history.  This was a civilizational decision which would define its relationship to the world for the coming period.  The US saw this coming partly as a result of the previous elections.  The US had been a longstanding partner in various Armenian economic and political projects, ever since the collapse of the USSR almost twenty-five years ago.  

Armenia never lost its close ties with Russia, and in the previous period – which in US foreign policy we might say ended with the 2007 economic crisis – it was acceptable for the US within the framework of the US’s lukewarm relationship with Russia, and the US’s course at that time, for Armenia to maintain good relations with Russia. 

Nevertheless, the US never lost sight of the importance of Armenia to Russia, and vice-versa.  The US continued to play the regional power politics, in terms of encouraging and promoting the pre-existing conflicts and problematic historical narratives between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. “

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