West Ukrainian pacifist Arthur Sen’ko: “To those who hate me”


You may have seen a series of videos
taken by an independent journalist Arthur from Vinnitsa, [West Ukraine],
in which he asked the same questions first to inhabitants of Lvov, and
then of Donetsk.

In a video from July 16th, 2015, he shares his feelings
upon returning to Vinnitsa after the trip to Donetsk. A sort of
confession, so to speak. Here is the transcript:

“Good morning. Yesterday I was told, in confidence, that discontent
is growing behind my back, that people are not happy with what I am
doing, and they do not like my blog … Well, a lot of my friends, my
acquaintances, my co-workers who … they can’t look you in the eyes and
say it, but talk behind your back: oh, they do not like everything that I
do, what I am working on, my ideas are not to their liking. But they do
not want to say this to my face.

But I want to address you, dear [opponents]: if you consider
yourselves to be right, well then – tell me to my face, and tell me
where I am doing something that you do not like. And, in turn, I will
also tell you what’s up.

You say that you have relatives fighting the war in the East. So my
wife’s brother is also in the war. He is a professional soldier. I
communicate with him normally. I have spoken with him on this subject
more than once. He even drove over with his commander, and spent the
night at our house when their car broke down in Vinnitsa. When he came
back from there. Currently he is in Khmelnitsky oblast. Because he has
already been at the front twice, two combat tours. Now a rotation has
just taken place, and he is now at home. Here. But he plans to return
there soon.

Therefore, as for me … I know that you have relatives there
somewhere. I am not against normal, decent people. I am against Nazzies.
I am against those who plunder, who rob, and who are bandits. And I am
for peace above all. I am for your relatives not perishing there.
Because I’ve been to the other side.

I also have many friends. By the way, I have friends in the Azov
Battalion. Recently, they came to Vinnitsa. I went to sauna with them
recently. Normal guys. There are normal people in there. Nobody says
that all people are the same, and that it is possible to consider them
all to be some stereotypes. No. Overall, the point is simply this:
let’s stop the war. Because in wartime all the sh*t floats to the top.
And I am against sh*t. I am not against normal stuff.

Therefore, if your relatives are decent people, I am not against
them. I am against them going to war for someone else’s ideas [and
interests]. Why are they fighting? What for? I can tell you for certain:
the people on the other side, they are ready – they are ready to die
for their own land. You think there are only Russian [soldiers] there?
No freaking way! The majority are local people. Even people coming in
from Kharkov, from Odessa … Even from Lvov. There are many [Ukrainian]
people fighting in the militia who are not from Donetsk oblast.

There are Russians, but only a few. A few! You are not fighting
against Russia. You are fighting against locals. And that they have
taken weapons [from Russia] – yes, they have and they will, because they
want to win this war. Even if they were not given weapons, they would
ask for them. Because they want to win this war. Just as we ask that
the European Union, NATO, and America give us weapons. We too want
weapons, right? And we rejoice, when we are given some sort of [handout]
… anything they give us.

Therefore, if you want to tell to me something, tell me to my face.
And I will explain it to you normally. Calmly and clearly. If you don’t
react calmly and normally to that polite answer, then I will explain to
you what’s up. That’s it. But don’t talk about me behind my back, do not
behave like some small dogs, like some gossips, like some bored
grannies. And tell to me to my face that you don’t like me.

Because I noticed, in many glances … After I returned from Donetsk, I
saw some sort of hatred in the glances of many of my friends,
acquaintances, co-workers. So tell me if I am not to your liking. So
that I simply won’t talk to you anymore. And stop smiling to you, if you
consider what I’m doing to be wrong. I will try to explain to you
everything logically and properly. If you do not comprehend this
information, well, then, those are your problems, sorry. And that’s


Source (link no longer active). Translation by Russo-Carpathian. Edited by Tatzhit.

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ORIGINAL VIDEO (not translated).

Another representative video from Arthur (English subtitles courtesy of VPE):

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