Witch-hunts, Ukrainian style: Five separatism hot spots and traitors within the SBU


July 6, 2015

Witch-hunts, Ukrainian style: Five separatism hot spots and traitors within the SBU

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

There is a new “broom” in the SBU. The recently nominated director Vasiliy Gritsak began a large-scale purge.

It was recently announced that he accused over forty high-ranking SBU officials of treason. The list of arrestees includes colonels and generals who, according to Gritsak, “betrayed state interests.” The new SBU head claims they were working for Russia.

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“We are starting with ourselves. So we arrested an SBU colonel who directed a coordination center which issued permits for personnel and cargo movements in Sector B. We are also investigating our associates who participated in those deals,” Gritsak said in an interview with TV Channel 5 [which is owned by Poroshenko].

Gritsak also claims that resistance to Kiev is growing in Ukraine’s South-East. SBU fears that several other regions may rise up like the Donbass. He named five “hot spots” (other than Lugansk and Donetsk Regions) outside the so-called ATO zone, which display separatist tendencies. “We have localized terrorists in the ATO zone, but the Moscow-directed separatism is spreading to other regions. I can say that the “hot spots” include the Odessa Region, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Nikolayev Regions,” adding that “SBU is taking preventive measures.”

Gritsak said that the SBU carried out 15 searches in Odessa and Nikolayev Regions “which yielded explosives”. “We are recording direct and indirect contacts between perpetrators and organizers, as well as their Russian masters.”

Ukrinform reports that the SBU unmasked and neutralized a terrorist group consisting of Odessa and Nikolayev inhabitants. “They planned to blow up railroads, volunteer centers, bridges, and military bases, and its leader subsequently planned to meet with his Russian contact in one of the countries of Western Europe.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: So the purge seems to be mainly about who gets to profit off the illegal trade between Ukraine proper and the national republics. The official bans and blockades in all likelihood are only intended to force the legitimate trade and business to go underground in order to have to pay protection money to the SBU or the UAF. Because it is really telling that the first people to get the axe are precisely the ones who issue the Zone B permits. It may well be that Nalivaichenko’s big sin was not kicking a big enough share of the loot to his feudal sovereign and trusting that his contacts in the West will keep him safe. Gritsak, a Poroshenko loyalist, probably won’t make a similar mistake.

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