Yulia Timoshenko accuses all security structures of Ukraine of taking part in smuggling on Ukrainian TV (video)


July 14, 2015

Podrobnosti, Ukr. TV channel “Inter”

Translated by Kristina Rus

The moment of truth has arrived. Kiev politicians continue to take sides in “Right Sector” vs. “Interior Ministry/Poroshenko” stand-off. Yulia Timoshenko sided with Yatsenyuk, neo-Nazi battalions and the extremist Right Sector against Ukrainian security forces supporting Poroshenko by accusing them of corruption and engagement in smuggling publicly on Ukrainian TV.

Host: Yulia Timoshenko, the leader of Batkivshina joins us today. Yulia, your faction called for independent investigation on Mukachevo, don’t you believe in objectivity of Interior Ministry investigation?

Yulia: That this incident is still ongoing after three days means that there is no strong power in Ukraine. It is no secret to anyone in Ukrainian politics (it’s only a secret for the Ukrainian people) that security structures are involved in all smuggling processes across all the borders of Ukraine. We can not rely on security forces because they are participants of all smuggling processes. Without authorities none of it can take place. To trust them this investigation is impossible.

Further in the interview Yulia continues to accuse the current government and attempts to score more points with the viewers by addressing them directly and appealing to their innermost emotions. 

Of course, she did not say anything about the government’s right for a monopoly on smuggling, at least to prevent a country from disintegrating…

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