Yushchenko: The West betrayed Ukraine


July 3, 2015

Yushchenko: The West betrayed Ukraine

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

In the former president’s opinion, Western countries left Ukraine to deal with its problems on its own.

“I have a deep feeling that Ukraine was simply betrayed.”–Time News cites Yushchenko’s words.

Yushchenko feels that his country already paid “too high a price.” The former president emphasized the deaths of 10 thousand civilians, 50 thousand suffered wounds, there are 1.2 million internal refugees, which is more than during WW2.

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He also reminded of how in the distant year 1994 the US guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in exchange for its nuclear arsenal. Ukraine also received clear guarantees from the UK, PRC, France, Yushchenko emphasized.

“They were simply obligated to provide help when our country fell into crisis. Treaties and memorandums are the politicians’ Bible, therefore it’s disappointing that world leaders have such a short memory,” Yushchenko said.

He also said that, by and large, these countries needed Ukraine. Everyone had their interests in Ukraine.

“Ukraine didn’t gain anything by opening its borders, killing off its economy, killing off a sizable proportion of its population through the war. The retirees are living out their days in poverty–that’s our bright European future for which the crowds stood on the Maidan,” Yushchenko concluded.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Given that Ukraine’s every pro-Western turn ended pretty much like this (starting with the 17th century), one would have had to be either naive or delusional to believe things would have worked out differently this time.

But I suppose realizing you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. Yushchenko (and possibly quite a few others) seem to have made that step, what will the second step look like?

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