A Ukro-miracle on Twitter


August 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

There used to be this typical patriot. Posted on Twitter a standard set of ukro-texts. “PTN HLO” [Putin f#cker] “Rashka, die” … and so on… 

I read him regularly. Then came the June tweets…

Apparently, the fiery front has reached his couch and the truth revealed itself…

Then he disappeared. Now he is back…

June 21. Ivan Danilenko @DanilaUA:

  • I will  f#cken survive and personally take you with me, Potrokh [Poroshenko], with all of your Yatsenyuks
  • F#ck this life. What are you doing, morons?
  • Where are you f#chen firing, scum, you are f#cken shooting at civilians!

Today. Ivan Danilenko @DanilaUA:

Happy holiday, f#ck.

First news: I am alive. Was wounded under fire. 

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Second news: I am going as a volunteer to the front. To get revenge. Under the DPR flag.


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