Azarov: Brainwashing Technology used on Ukrainians


August 27th, 2015 – 

PolitRussia – translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

technologies of mass “brainwashing” are actively used in Ukraine in
order to artificially inflate the animosity against the Russians. 

The former
Ukrainian PM, Nikolay Azarov wrote on Wednesday on his personal Facebook

The former Prime Minister gave examples based
on the juxtaposition of the primitive images that are imposed on the citizens
of Ukraine: “the West is good. Cool”, “Russia – bad. “Sovki”
(derogatory term for Soviet). Colorados (a derogatory term for anyone who wears
Ribbon of Saint George). “Vatniki” (also a derogatory term for all who is
Russian or connected to Russia), “Ukraine would have crushed the Donbass
long time ago, if Russia did not interfere”, “Ukraine is
Europe”, “Russia is the one that prevents us from becoming Europe,
Russia is the former malicious regime”, “Only vatniks live in Donbass. They prevent Ukraine from joining Europe,”

All of these “primitive and squalid
slogans”, which often contradict each other, “are hammered into the
brains of many Ukrainians as nails, and how to pull them out is a difficult
issue,” Azarov wrote.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian people tend to
blame someone for all their problems but not themselves. “They were
jumping at the Maidan, chanted “Who does not jump, is a Moskal”,
“Ukraine is Europe” and brought professional demagogues, and even murderers
to power,  and all they got as a result
is impoverishment,” — says the politician.

However, the Ukrainians blame for their
misfortunes, not those who seized power and rules the country, but “Muscovites”
and anyone, except those who are really responsible for the Ukrainian crisis, says
Azarov. Meanwhile, the laws that worsen the lives of ordinary Ukrainians were
not written by the “agents of the Kremlin”, but by those who came to
power after the coup, he said.

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