Azarov: Ukraine’s Workings under Western Management


August 12th, 2015-

Rusvesna, translated by J Arnoldski –

“Azarov tells how Ukraine came to be under foreign management”

For the sake of obtaining financial assistance from the
International Monetary Fund (IMF), the authorities of Ukraine are willing to
pay too high of a price, ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov believes.

“If someone thinks that Ukraine is an independent country
and Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and co. govern it, then they are deeply mistaken…In
fact, the clerks of the IMF mission in Kiev from the beginning to the end are
dictating to the Kiev regime what and how it can do, what laws and decisions it
can take, and which ones it can not”, the politician wrote on his Facebook
commenting on a letter with a request for a loan by the Ukrainian authorities
to the Director of the International Monetary Fund.

This document, sidned by President Petr Poroshenko, Prime
Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Finance Minister Natalya Yaresko, and head of the
National Bank Valeriya Hontareva, contains, in Azarov’s opinion, the insulting
obligation for an independent country to conduct preliminary consultation with
the IMF about taking any kind of measures of financial and economic policy.

“Never before has Ukraine taken on such offensive, humiliating,
and worst of all murderous obligations for its people.”

The rate of inflation is increasing, the level of currency
reserves is decreasing, and the population is forced to spend their savings
just to ensure basic survival due to the reduction of their incomes, Azarov
stressed, adding that Kiev is not providing any measures of compensation
whatsoever for the people. “Keep hopping along!”

According to him, the authorities planned a “growth” of the
economy, but, receiving a “slump”…declare that the program is being
successfully fulfilled, although it is fit to say that it is successfully

“Here’s for you and don’t bring down the monuments. It’s
necessary to be European style. European style fees, and wages and pensions
like in Bangladesh” – the politician writes.

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