Azov Prepares to launch ‘political party’ [video + photos]


August 28ty, 2015 – 

[FR note – Naturally we publish this purely for its informational value – J. Flores ed] – 

From social networking of Olena Semenyaka – 

In Kharkov a presentation was held by the ‘Civil Corps’ of the ”Azov Regiment. 

Also during the presentation for the first time was emphasized future establishment of the party by “AZOV”.

On Thursday, August 27, at the conference hall of the stadium Metalist, was held a presentation of the Civil Corps “AZOV” in Kharkiv. Apart from the activists of Civil Corps themselves and many journalists, the presentation also attended well-known in the city volunteers, activists and public figures. Instead of MP Andriy Biletsky, who could not attend the presentation due to significant deterioration on the front, Civil Corps “AZOV” presented famous statesman Roman Zvarych.

“Later, and probably I’m going to speak about it publicly for the first time, we will also create our own political party,”
said Roman Zvarych.

During the presentation, Roman Zvarych shared with an audience the further plans of the Azovians regarding creation of their own political party, above all, in order to answer the main and most urgent challenge for today, which, in his opinion, is unable to meet current government in Kyiv – safety of an average Ukrainian, but simultaneously added that the party will not participate in the upcoming local elections that will be held in autumn of 2015, because the activists consider them the way to destroy unitary Ukraine and do not want to participate in it.

During the presentation of Civil Corps “AZOV,” the “East Corps” company commander Oleg Shyriajev (friend Sirko) was appointed the head of its Kharkiv branch, as well as was proclaimed its merging with GO “East Corps.”

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