Background behind NATO expansion: new members, new customers


Boulevard Voltaire

February 7, 2003

Translated from French by Tom Winter

August 26, 2015

Though armament makers have lobbied for war in times past, Lockheed Martin’s lobbying for the attack on Iraq is on an unprecedented scale. Since 1993, the manufacturer of WMD has been working on the enlargement of NATO, whose new members are new customers. 

Lockheed Martin’s financial and ideological influence in the Republican Party and its close ties with the “hawks” in Washington make it one of the main instigators of the attack on Iraq. 

This is the time to invest in shares Lockheed Martin. At 50,9 euros per share, Lockheed Martin, world’s largest producer of weapons, is at its lowest level in a year. It is time to earn money: in two weeks, the firm will benefit from the war in Iraq, a juicy affair that it has been promoting for months. In 1993, the Maryland company installed a former military intelligence officer, Bruce P. Jackson, as vice president in charge of strategy and planning. This lobbying champion devoted most of his time to finding new markets for the firm: weapons to NATO standards in Central and Eastern Europe, and the war in Iraq.

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As a member of the New Atlantic Initiative, he successively set up the Project on Transitional Democracies  and the US Committee to Expand NATO. These are associations working for the integration of the states of Central and Eastern Europe into NATO, and that it uses to force new members to buy Lockheed Martin. Thus, the Dassault group, that still lives in Atlantic dream of Cold War times, has recently seen its Polish arms market vanish, without understanding that times had changed.

But Bruce P. Jackson is not content to grab markets from blind US allies, it creates demand. Being active in the leadership of the Republican Party, he sponsored the Center for Security Policy, which brings together the “hawks” and calls for all-out war. 

Since 1997 he has been a sponsor of the Project for the New American Century, which prepares US public to go to war in Iraq. He funded and advised George W. Bush throughout the presidential election campaign. Most importantly, in December he created the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, whose only real purpose is to “sell” the war to the public so Lockheed-Martin can sell planes, missiles and munitions to the Department of Defense.

The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq’s governing board is composed exclusively of former executives, lawyers, and lobbyists from Lockheed Martin. George Shultz, Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan and a onetime associate of Donald Rumsfeld in the pharmaceutical industry, heads its Policy Committee. It is composed of representatives of the arms industry and “influence pedlars” such as the neocon columnists Robert Kagan and William Kristol, and “hawks” Richard Perle and James Woolsey. The Committee also has an international Board that includes the German General Klaus Naumann, who led the rebels of the KLA to provoke the Kosovo war, and Carl Bildt, a former Swedish Prime Minister who aims to become the UN representative in a liberated Iraq.

Nothing will stop Bruce Jackson: the “Vilnius Group,” an agency of the Committee for expansion NATO, issued a statement from ten European governments for war. after the Czech government had disowned President Vaclav Havel who signed an open forum for war with seven other European leaders.

Summing up: you too, should buy shares in Lockheed Martin and demand a war on Iraq to receive dividends.

Tr comment:

Remember the “Coalition of the Willing”? The willing were given incentive. To see documentation of the linkage between War On Terror support and hoped for NATO membership, click Here, where you will see, for instance:

“Heads of States of Vilnius group met in a conference The Contribution of New Democracies to Euro-Atlantic Security in Sofia 5 October 2001. NATO applicant countries declared support for creation of united and free Europe and expressed determination to support USA-led coalition against terrorism.

The Vilnius group countries repeated their hope that the historical decision concerning NATO enlargement will be made at the Prague Summit in 2002. The applicant countries confirmed their readiness to contribute to the European security.”

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