Basurin: UAF Shelled Itself to Justify Offensive


August 11th, 2015

Rusvesna – Translated by Soviet Bear

[Flores’ note:  This claim by Basurin makes sense in light of what we came to learn in the week leading up to this offensive.  Poroshenko called an emergency meeting of the war cabinet.  Western press started chatter about a ‘dirty bomb’.  Some mysterious forces in the SBU not totally on the same page with the US plans (we have previously discussed FSB infiltration of the SBU) arrested the Uranium-238 smugglers.  This made a ‘dirty bomb’ excuse not possible. So instead, the ‘US advisers’ apparently just went the conventional route and pushed for shelling their own positions.  This spectacle is important for OSCE and media reports. ]

Deputy corps commander
of the Ministry of Defense of DPR Edward Basurin commented on the situation on the Mariupol area.

Earlier, the Ukrainian
side has accused the militia in the capture of towns of Novolaspa and Belaya
Kamenka. To stop the flow of lies in the Ukrainian media, Edward Basurin commented
shelling of populated areas by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

From 5:00 to 5:30
August 10 AFU attacked Petrovskoe, Belaya Kamenka and Novolaspa with tanks,
mortars and artillery, including “Grad” MLRS

From 7:00 to 10:00 a
unit from the 72nd mechanized brigade of AFU consisting of two companies, of
the 41-th independent motorized infantry battalion reinforced with tanks, with
artillery support attempted to advance in the direction of the village of Belaya

DPR units stopped the
enemy and forced them to retreat to their original positions.

Enemy losses amounted
to 2 tanks, 1 infantry fighting vehicles, 1 anti-tank guided missile launcher
and up to 18 soldiers of AFU, 7 of them are dead.

AFU cynically shelled
their own positions on the southern and eastern outskirts of the village of Staroignatovka
in order to blame the DPR army. Also from the territory near the settlement of
Telmanovo was bombarded by “Grads”.

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