Calm Before the Storm – Ukraine uses lull to prepare


August 14th, 2015

Rusvesna – translated by Joaquin Flores

Ukraine uses a relative lull to prepare for action, – the People’s Police LC

14/08/2015 – 13:14

Ukraine uses a relative lull to prepare for action, - the People's Police LC | Russian Spring

This was reported today by the deputy chief of staff of the People’s Militia Corps Colonel Igor Yaschenko LC.

“Ukraine is refusing to withdraw its weapons of caliber less than 100 mm, uses the relative calm for an active concentration of troops and military equipment across the line of contact,” – he said.

In particular, it was noted that recon by the People’s Militia indicates concentration of additional units of the APU near the village of Donetsk and others as well as along the “Bahmutovskoy” track.

Also, according to Yaschenko, APU stepped up their intelligence activities with the use of task forces and unmanned aerial vehicles.

“In this regard, it can be assumed that increased exploration and reconnaissance on the ground indicate that the Ukrainian side is ready to conduct active operations”, – said Yaschenko.

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