Cancer, gangrene, transoceanic masters = “EdinoUkraina”


as in 70 years ago

Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

In Antifascist, May 25, 2016

August 15

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

I am going to speak as a Ukrainian and a citizen of Ukraine— I was born in Dnepropetrovsk — as such, I have a right to say “death to United Ukraine.”** I have seen the rise of nationalism in Ukraine over the last 23 years; I have seen how this monster came into being. First were the “harmless’ Marches, such as the far-away — and therefore safe — marches in honor of the SS Galicia Division in Lvov, then there were the cynical cannibalistic jokes in Western Ukraine. In the competition “Ukraine in a Moscovite’s eyes”, Mr. Basil from Ternopol won with a sign in three-meter high letters “Ukraine, out of a Moscovites’ eyeballs”.

They started in the center, then to the east of the country. They shifted teachers, students, and office staff from Galicia and Volin to Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, and Kharkiv. The pieces of “black and red” uranium already emit death-dealing gamma radiation, but haven’t yet reached critical mass.

I lived inside here 23 years. I have seen how from a tiny Galician tumor the monster grew with its lumpy whitish strands.

So, with your permission, I will write briefly, dry, and without emotion.

For some time I see everything going in a good direction, Slowly, yes, and sometimes not fully understood by the uninitiated, or by the ones who assess things on the basis of last year’s scenarios, but the process was developing the way it should. You suppose simply in the Lvov local council they took the proposal to the Verkhovna Rada to acknowledge Donbass and Crimea as Russian territory?

Donbass is deadly for the United Ukraine. Ukraine stepped into the Donbass snare. Namely because panicked cries were heard in Lvov that they must cut Donbass loose, abandon it. Lvov “svidomy” patriots understood very well, that it is the death of their National Banderite idea, the death of their  embroidered shirts and their black-and-red flags, the death of their fake history, their fake heroes and not least, their fake “traditions.”  

It’s a slow and painful death, as if from gangrene. The Galician elite have understood this, but in Kiev either they haven’t got it, or cannot turn aside from their path. Kiev hangs on to Donbass in accord with its transoceanic masters who demand continuation of the war to put foreign policy pressure on the Russian Federation.

Galicia made the biggest gamble of all time over the existence of this cursed territory. They poured out everything that they opened. They staged a Blitzkrieg, right after the coup, scattering those gangs “Pravoseki”, “ultras,” and ordinary criminals across the Southeast. They knew they had to intimidate, put South East on its knees, the only way to “re-educate” normal people.

The scenario first crashed with the Crimea. A bit of luck for the Ukrainian patriots: Crimea went over to Russia, a painful blow on the national “Svidomy” idea, but this made it possible to get rid of the new Ukrainian region, that they could not have broken without a lot of blood

The script then collapsed in the Donbass. And Ukraine has gotten mired in a war that it can not win. War consumes resources that are needed to get out of the money drain after the coup. War eats those “Svidomy” patriots, on the basis of whom it would be possible to build a nationalist state, but now the Ukrainian patriots either lie in their grave, or are jumping on crutches without legs, or are deformed by war, and thus more suitable for a peaceful nation-building. 

The human resources of United Ukraine are burning up in Donbass – the idea of the nationalist Ukraine to come is lying in its grave. And this is good. Because without the removal of the “Svidomy” the liberation of Ukraine from national fascism is impossible.

Federalization (actually confederalization) is the death of United Ukraine, because it will start with the destruction of the administrative and financial connections, the emergence of New People’s Republics. Odessa, Kharkov. Regional elites will leap at the the chance to split from Kiev. It’s a matter of greed and avarice; the elites have always been like that. Patriotic? No. Practical. All the same, we will take the whole “Greater Novorossia” anyway, and in the end, make all Ukraine Novorossia, actually we have to throw Galicia away. 

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Personally, for me, well, I’ve lived in Ukraine 23 years, and it is a seven-generation curse, a perennially infested land. They haven’t changed in 70 years, with the nearby farmers waiting for a Führer from the West.

So what if you bury Novorossia right away. The “New Russia” project can be over for some. But the idea of New Russia lives. The name and the shape can change – but the essence abides. Ukraine will be pro-Russian, pro-Russia, non-aligned, anti-Nazi, antibanderovsky territory. Ukraine will never be a state – because it can’t, and hundreds of years prove it. 

Because Novorossia will survive Ukraine, digest it, and assimilate it. But the “svidomy” will again be marginals, renegades, and outcasts in the Canadian diaspora – and be a frightened cluster that huddles in the corners.

Nobody is going to leave United Ukraine alone. You have to understand that there is no need for Russia to keep at hand our aggressive poor natives who dream only of Moscow in flames and of blown up kindergartens in Belgorod and Rostov. There is no need to grant our Western “partners” the ability to create an Islamic State alongside Russia. 

And the resources of Ukraine? War without end, those “Svidomy” patriots, the “Donbas syndrome”, poverty, drug addiction, the mass of unregistered weapons, unemployment, the collapse of the health system — all these will devour them. 

That is what is happening now. How many “svidomy” patriots know that on the Ukrainian side of the ATO, in the Donbass region occupied by Kiev, there are already a dozen opium poppy plantations. And the volunteer battalions, their ATO “Horoes” are covering them. This poison after three or four months will pour into the cities of United Ukraine. And from a background of unemployment, demobilization, insecurity, and “Donbass syndrome” will come not only looting but also AIDS, hepatitis C, mental illness.

One follows the other.

We are now witnessing the destruction of a large country with a population of thirty million. A unique phenomenon in modern history.

Out of the “Svidomy” ideas there will remain only the rows of graves with those yellow-blue ribbons on the cross. At the time of the Euromaidan, Galicians made the most important bet of their life. And they lost. The same way they lost 70 years ago, escaping to Canada, or dying one after the other in the Carpathians from the bullets of Red Army soldiers.

Everything will get repeated again. And we will win just like 70 years ago. Population Centers and the Southeast will hand over the “Svidomy” patriots just as after the Great Patriotic War. As soon as those in Ukraine will mash the face of “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! “- We’ve won. 

We have to strive for this. It must come to this. Because no “svidomy” partisans, no “svidomy” saboteurs will be able to operate in the territory, where the common people do not support them, but hate them – for the devastation, for the impoverishment, for euromaidan.

But we should not sit calmly on the shore and watch the corpses of “Svidomy” Banderists float by in canoes. The sooner United Ukraine gets destroyed, the more the ordinary people will be saved from the tyranny of the Kiev authorities, the National Guard, the Security Service and the Nazi battalions. The faster United Ukraine dies, the sooner the dawn will rise on the land wounded and poisoned by “Svidomy” Nazism. The sooner we kill United Ukraine, the faster will start revival, recovery and production.

For us, the normal people, just as 70 years ago, one goal – Nazi criminal state EdinoUkraina should be killed. I say this as a citizen of Ukraine. Over these 23 years I’ve been watching the growing monster. It can not be left alive.

This creature in blue and yellow colors of rotting cadaver skin, its mouth bloodied with the cry “Glory to Ukraine” and creeping on the living land of Donbass should be killed. Calmly and without emotion. So a new future can arise. A future not for “Svidomo,” but for the people.


Wherever this phrase “United Ukraine” occurs it was “edinoUkraine” (единоУкраина) in the original. — Tr.

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