Casting for the role of the Fuhrer announced in Ukraine


August 7, 2015

Nikolay Starikov, Izborsky Club

Translated by Kristina Rus

Apparently, casting was announced in Ukraine. For the position of a Führer. For the position of the new head of the country. Because the current – Petro Poroshenko, no matter how much he drinks, cannot fulfill his duties. A war, so needed by the USA in the centre of Europe cannot materialize. Low-intensity conflict with artillery duels is not what Washington strategists want. Therefore, they are holding a casting. In Germany, at the beginning of the 30’s, they did exactly the same. Who won – we know. As well as how it all ended.

The commander of “Azov” regiment, Ukrainian MP Andrey Biletsky accepted an invitation to speak in the European Parliament. According to political analyst Nikolay Starikov, the West is preparing the replacement of the Ukrainian leadership, and as a candidate for this position is considering Andrey Biletsky.

“The West, USA want to find new political figures. Because Poroshenko and Co. are clearly not able to cope with the military and economic part of what the United States would like to see in Ukraine. Therefore the US is preparing a replacement for Poroshenko. And today in Ukraine a casting for a new dictator is taking place. A few candidates are considered, including Dmitry Yarosh (the leader of a banned in Russia extremist organization “Right sector” – ed.) and Biletsky. So, you can say, this is his first, modest showing.”

Nikolai Starikov believes that the decision to invite the commander of “Azov” to the European Parliament has absolutely no rational reason.

“Whatever the battalion – volunteer or enlistment – is an integral part of the army, which means that it follows orders. So to consider a military unit as a certain political party – agree, is a very strange option. To invite a division commander, to tell which political platform is currently popular in his division is reminiscent of the civil wars of the past century: Makhno, whites, reds, social revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks… So there is no rational, there is simply the desire to look at the guy,” – said the analyst.

And if Andrey Biletsky will show himself in the European Parliament as a real politician, the U.S. will promote him, says Nikolay Starikov.

“As a combat commander, he, apparently showed himself, now its time to see what kind of politician he is. If he speaks well, looks good, maybe the USA, and they rule the political process in Ukraine, will try to chart some political perspective for this person”, – concluded the analyst.

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