Dear Fort Russ Readers – An imprisoned anti-NATO researcher: A Plea for Letters in Support


August 26th, 2015

Fort Russ Team

… The following is a letter originally by Stephen Karganovic, and adapted for our Fort Russ readers and friends … 

Dear friends of Fort Russ,

          We are addressing you concerning the difficult predicament of Srebrenica researcher Boris Krljić, better known under his nom de plume Alexander Dorin.  [Boris Krljić has done important work in exposing the manipulation of facts and the slandering of Serbs surrounding the Srebrenica matter during the Yugoslav civil war. ed]

As you probably are already aware, on  June 17 of this year Swiss authorities arrested him and he has been in isolation in police custody ever since. It is assumed that the place of his detention is Basel. However, Swiss authorities have declined to make any official announcements about his case. There is not even a formal acknowledgment of where exactly he is being held or on what charges, if any. The information that we have is from informal sources.

          All who entertained the view that Switzerland was a model of the rule of law are now shocked. Krljić is a Swiss citizen, he was born in Switzerland of Serbian parents, and it is to be assumed that he should be entitled to all the legal rights and procedures inherently due to a citizen of such a sophisticated, democratic, and law observant state as Switzerland is reputed to be.    


          However, even if generally these vaunted principles are observed in Switzerland, Krljić/Dorin clearly constitutes an exception. We therefore wish to draw your attention to his case in the expectation that you will set aside a few minutes of your time to protest before the Swiss authorities the apparent disappearance of one of their citizens in what appears to be an Alpine Guantanamo.

          The sum of what we have managed to informally learn so far is that Krljić is in government custody in Basel and that he has been there under an isolation regime for the last two months. We cannot accept the normalization of such a practice in a country that considers itself to be an exemplary law abiding state.

          We therefore ask you to act without delay and to send a message to the legal authorities in the Swiss city of Basel where Boris Krljić/Alexander Dorin is apparently incarcerated, and to demand that he either be set free forthwith or that the Swiss government disclose the nature of the case against him, while affording him all the usual means to effectively defend himself.

          You may send an email to the following address:

          [email protected]

          Or you may send a letter by surface mail to this address:

Untersuchungsgefängnis Basel-Stadt (Remand Prison)

Binningerstrasse 21

CH-4051 Basel


          You may compose your mail or letter in English, German, French, Russian, or any other widely understood language. The message should be polite, brief, and categorical.

          Your involvement could play a key role in the clarification of the fate of Boris Krljić and his liberation, especially if – as we suspect – he in fact has no case to answer.

          We remind you of the words of the opponent of the Hitler regime, pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “When they came to pick up the Jews, I did nothing because I am not a Jew; when they came to arrest the leaders of workers’ syndicates, I was silent because I am not a worker; when they were taking away Communists, I did not protest because I am not a Communist. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak on my behalf.”     

          Will you kindly send a message to the administration of the Swiss prison where Boris Krljić is kept with a request that he be set free immediately, or that he be properly charged if Swiss authorities have evidence justifying legal proceedings against him.      


Kind regards,


Srebrenica Historical Project

Den Haag, 25 August 2015

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