Deputy commander of ATO: “There is no one left to defend Ukraine”


August 20, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

The Deputy commander of the ATO, Colonel of the armed forces of Ukraine, Valentyn Fedichev said in an interview with “Gordon” internet publication that Ukraine must adhere to mobilization, including universal mobilization, to ensure the rotation of troops during the armed conflict in the East of the country. 

“For war there must be a mobilization system, including universal mobilization”, – quotes  RIA “Novosti”. 

Fedichev noted that evaders should be prosecuted.

“I do not support the claims of some media who believe that the evil recruitment offices are going too far. We clearly have to say that there is no one left to defend Ukraine, we are running out of volunteers. But a constitutional responsibility to defend your state remains”, – he stressed. 

It is worth noting that earlier the general staff of Ukraine reported that the sixth wave of partial mobilization was completed at 60% of the target and the number of evaders reached 26.8 thousand people.

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