Does Poland Want a Piece of Ukraine?


August 11th, 2015

By Michael Lukashin, translated by Jafe Arnoldski

“Has the president of Poland “made a bid for a piece of Ukraine”
and dreamt about the borders of 1939?”

President Andrzej Duda has decided to include his country in the
number of participants settling the conflict in Donbass. He believes that all
neighboring countries should participate in discussing the peaceful resolution
of the armed conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine, reports a correspondent from

He also stated that it wouldn’t be bad to return to the former
borders, because the current tactics of resolving the problem can lead, in the
opinion of Duda, to an escalation of the conflict. Although Duda, by “a return
to old borders”, had in mind Crimea, there are significant political forces
dreaming about a return to the borders of 1939 among Ukraine’s neighbors. That
is, when Galicia was Polish.

Experts believe that the desire of Duda to participate in
attempts to negotiate a peaceful resolution of the “Donbass question” is
frivolous: “not by the cap of Simon” (an
old Russian saying meaning “it’s above his paygrade” – translation
). The
modern history of Ukraine is close to conclusion: coming out from underneath
Russian influence, the state has lost its self-innovation and as a result is
drifting into oblivion.

“The history of Soviet and post-Soviet Ukrainian statehood is
nearing its end,” said political analyst for “,” director of the
Center of Geopolitical Expertise, and member of the Civic Chamber of the
Russian Federation, Valeriy Korovin. “The state of Ukraine was created by
Russians and supported by Russians. As this space has ceased to be located in
the zone of direct, strategic Russian control, it has become a ‘draw.’”

This was the reason that, in his words, the Americans and some
bordering European countries have claimed it, among them Poland, Romania, and
Hungary. Today, the preliminary bid for the inheritance of Ukraine is
happening, first of all for its territory.

Poland wants to actively declare its participation in this
process, so as to later claim the territory which at once point belonged to it,
but which now makes up the western part of Ukraine. But, according to the
expert, there is only one savior for the civil-war-torn country.

“The result of this is practically a foregone conclusion. The
only one who can save Ukraine from further disintegration and chaos is Russia.
But this is only possible if our country will conduct a strong, proactive
policy promoting our interests in Ukraine – 
deposing the current pro-American puppet regime and establishing
strategic control and a political protectorate over Kiev. In this case, that
which is left of Ukraine may be saved and even integrated into such structures
as the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, thereby withdrawing from
the free-fall and starting real economic recovery which is adapted to existence
in the framework of the Eurasian space, but for which its existence is not
suited by any European projects. The same applies to the population and social
situation inside the country,” – Korovin said.

In this scenario, the role of Poland in its current capacity can
be exclusively destructive. The expert believes that the country is now a
puppet state, subordinated to the will of Washington, and as such its
participation should be perceived as extremely negative.

In the case that Poland could become a neutral state, the expert
believes, then it is quite logically transformed into part of the buffer sone
between the West and Russia. But this just isn’t the way things are going.

Korovin considers that Poland’s desire to participate in the
settling of the conflict in Donbass is an attempt to declare its active
participation and presence in the division of the heritage of Ukraine. In no
way can Poland influence the situation in Donbass. This is a political matter
of a much higher level, reflecting the process of geopolitical confrontation
between Russia and the global West led by the USA.

“Here Poland is not playing any role, is not presenting any
subjectivity, and can’t by definition. Therefore this is not a question of
their mind, their competence, or their ability ,” Korovin argues, “however,
formally testifying for its participation, Poland might qualify on these
grounds in the future for the western territories of Ukraine in the case that
everything falls part. Everything is headed towards this disintegration now.
There are no presuppositions that Ukraine will be preserved in its current
form,” the expert explained.

Korovin believes that the collapse of Ukraine in current
conditions, if nothing is changed, is inevitable. Then, Poland will timely
drive a wedge into the situation under the pretext that “we also participated
in the settlement of some processes,” which in no way were related to or
depended upon the position of Poland.

This is a bid for participation in the partition of a decaying
Ukraine from the side of Poland, as with other Eastern European states,”
Korovin concluded. 

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