DPR Aerial Recon Shows UAF Preparing a Major Push [video]


August 11th, 2015

Ren.TV – translated by Joaquin Flores

Ukrainian security forces have already ceased to be ashamed and hide the obvious. The shelling of settlements in the Donbass, they increase with each passing day. All night they shelled the outskirts of Donetsk. The truce has been finally forgotten about in Kiev.

It is understandable why the Ukrainian authorities were in no hurry take heavy weapons away from the front. Today, our film crew was with militias who flew a drone copter. And it showed several things. Kiev concentrates forces on the border with the Republic of Donetsk. That is to prepare for a massive offensive, which the DPR fears can begin at any moment.

“Bird”, as they affectionately refer to the recon drone  for Republican Army, is gradually gaining altitude. Everyone paid close attention.  The drone shows that the enemy is at the front and ready to begin fighting. 

  publishes unique shots of the excursion, GRU DNI, which was prepared for several days and in secrecy. The drone’s task is to quietly fly over the positions of the Ukrainian military, calculate their location, and check for heavy equipment on the frontline. Today  the UAV twice took to the sky, and the results came back quickly.

A bird’s-eye views shows the clearly visible position of the Ukrainian army. It was there, under a heavy tree canopy, that may be hiding Ukrainian equipment. The camera detected a reinforced area of ​​the Ukrainian army, new to the front, and in a way that suggests the maneuvers of  recently deployed units.

In the area of ​​the village Novomihaylovka, which is controlled by the UAF, the copter finds an accumulation of heavy guns. Basically it is tanks. And more. As scouts had previously said, the reinforcement of the region did not begin before a few weeks ago. Today – it is an impregnable fortress.

Another flight of UAV completed. Thanks to ‘him’, you could see that the Ukrainian military concentrated heavy equipment in their positions, i.e. the Minsk agreement in fact had not been met by them. Now experts have more details today and will analyze what was possible to withdraw.

Already at the headquarters of the Intelligence officers they parse through the modal drone footage material. No doubt remains – the Ukrainian military in spite of all the agreements at Minsk, is increasing presence of heavy guns on the frontline.

The commander of the second detachment of the Republican Guard Intelligence, is confident that Ukrainian security forces are preparing a breakthrough in Donetsk. It is from these positions that almost daily is shelled the south-western part of the otherwise tranquil city.

“They added a lot of equipment. Armored vehicles were caught which before was not there, reinforcing is now complete. It says that they are preparing for some kind of attack” – said the commander.

This is despite the fact that every day the management of the republic openly reports the violations by Kiev of the Minsk agreements, on withdrawal of equipment, tanks and mortars  of the Ukrainian army, as shown by today’s drone footage as they were, and continue to stand at the forefront. Moreover their number is only growing.

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