NAF takes Maryevka, accidentally


August 25, 2015

Anna Dolgoreva

Rusvesna (posted on August 23)

Translated by Kristina Rus

Ukrainian troops shamefully fled from Maryevka — details of the night battle from the war correspondent of “Russian Spring”

The war correspondent of the Russian Spring reported the details of the night battle for the strategically important area around the railway station in Maryevka in LPR.

At a checkpoint at the entrance to Pervomaisk local Cossacks greeted me with the words:

— Yesterday it was hot. Took Maryevka. Only we have two dead…

The Kingdom of Heaven and eternal glory to the fallen heroes!

But if you tell the story of the battle on the night of August 22 briefly, it is more like a joke.

UAF once again started firing at Pervomaisk.

A group of militia from a local battalion moved forward to an observation position close to enemy positions. They were spotted. Fire was opened. The militia from the neighboring checkpoints covered with fire (exclusively from small arms, in accordance with the Minsk agreements).

As a result an ammunition storage on the Ukrainian side exploded seemingly on it’s own. After that, UAF troops though that a large-scale attack began, fled in panic from the Maryevka railway station, left part of Zolotoye village, threw a white flag, and called the commanders of the militia, asking to stop the fighting. The fighting (which, in fact, did not even start) – ceased. The humor of the situation is that the battle unit, which moved out to an observation position, consisted of only ten people.

The commander of a Cossack battalion “Yermak” with the callsign “Ataman” directly participated in yesterday’s fighting.

— We did not plan to capture anything. We feared a breakthrough on their part because there were some grounds to believe that. Decided to install our “eyes”. They attracted fire. Our group moved forward a little, gave return fire, and in the end, they quickly retreated. Then they tried to go out with the APCS, but again received a response. From small-caliber weapons. They decided not to engage and retreated.

Their ammo exploded for some reason. So they quickly moved away and hoisted a white flag. They called our superiors, asking for a truce, so we were ordered to cease the fire.

The Cossacks tell the story with mixed emotions: sadness for those who died, and the irony of this whole situation. 

— Locals say that they (UAF) stand there and say that they are content with everything. Receive ten thousand hryvnias and pray that nothing changes, just so the separatists don’t go on the offensive, — said the Deputy commander of “Yermak”, Sedoy.

Undoubtedly, the retreat of Ukrainian troops from part of Zolotoye is a success. Pervomaisk is shelled mainly from two directions: from Popasnaya and Zolotoye. If Ukrainian tanks don’t shoot from Zolotoye, the private sector residents of Pervomaisk can breathe a little better.

The medical aid of battalion Yermak, “Morphine” also participated in yesterday’s fights:

– Yesterday around 17 o’clock in the evening I and several other soldiers received an order to arrive to Ostrovsky House of Culture [Houses of Culture are the epicenter of social life of every former Soviet town – ed.], which is located in the neighbouring village. There were fighters from several units, in particular – “Bryanka”. After correction of information from the radio we moved in the direction of Maryevka village on foot and took several observation positions. We did not start fire, we just tracked the movement of enemy vehicles.

By that time artillery volleys were heard for several hours, then an ‘Ukrop’ [ukrainian] ammunition depot blew up, greatly decreasing the intensity of fire.

We hid in the folds of the terrain, kept in touch with our own. At the moment Maryevka, which used to be in a buffer zone, is controlled by us.

This allowed to reduce the intensity of fire, which, in particular, Pervomaisk is subjected to. We predict that in the near future there will be less shelling of residential areas,” – said the medical aid.

Anna Dolgaleva, special correspondent of Russian Spring in LPR

P. S Currently “Russian Spring” received accurate information about significant losses of the Ukrainian side, which will be published in the morning

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