Elections in the occupied Donbass should be cancelled


Pavel Zhebrivsky

August 5th, 2015

Oleg Tsarev, the Chairman of Novorossia Parliament

Translated by Kristina Rus

The military governor of the Ukrainian part of Donbass, Pavel Zhebrivsky proposed to cancel elections in the region.

Local elections are planned for October 25 — but, in the opinion of Mr Zhebrivsky, this is unnecessary.

“Democracy here was rolled into the pavement, so we should make a crack in the pavement to make way for a healthy grain, the sprouts, and then we can hold elections,” – he said.

Great logic: there was no democracy in Donbass, so the new military (i.e. occupation, calling a spade a spade) authorities will not create it, but will eliminate it completely, and are saying it directly.

Instead, they will “make the cracks in the pavement”. 

How the Ukrainian military leaves not even cracks, but entire pits from bombs and explosions, we know well, so here Mr. Zhebrivsky did not lie.

Overall the actions of Kiev in the conquered territories are predictable.

The opinion of the residents of Slavyansk, Volnovakha or Mariupol about the current government, about the war, about the state of the economy, about the front line, which divided them from relatives and friends in Donetsk —  is obvious.

And this means that the residents of the cities of Donbass will vote “incorrectly”.

Will choose the “wrong” deputies.

And if so — it’s better not to vote at all. 

At least until 2017 — and by then Kiev hopes to change the situation in their favor by terror and propaganda.

We can only thank Mr. Zhebrivsky.

Such frankness is useful — as it turns out, the people deprived of the right to vote do open their eyes.

Let him talk more.

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