Estonia’s Border Wall Plan – Enshrines ‘Western Values’


August 26th, 2015 – 

By: Marina Aleshin for –  translated by Soviet Bear – 

found the ultra-modern way to improve the country’s security. They decided to
build… a fence on the border with Russia, which allegedly “threatens”
the Baltic Republic.

Estonian newspaper Postimees has reported
about such plans of the Police Department and border guard service. The wall
will be two and a half meter height – the size of a solid dacha fence is
designed to become a reliable protection of the Estonian borders and a good
investment. It is planned to allocate 71 million euros to “work on
technical strengthening of the border” according to the Postimees. The works
must begin in 2018.

The fence, according to local strategists will
cover two-thirds of the land section of the border with Russia except for
swampy lands, for greater reliability the barbed wire will be enclosed on top.
The Estonian authorities also plan to install a barrier for wild animals who
continually strive to invade the territory of the Republic. It seems that now
Tallinn is more concerned about the “Russian threat” and, “illegal boar
immigrants”, rather than real problems in the EU. For example, mass migration.
But recently, Estonia was indignant by the mandatory
quotas on the admission of refugees from the Mediterranean. But to shift the
attention on Eastern neighbor is always “good”.

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