“EU’s Useful Left-Wing Idiots Aide Kremlin’s Anti-Americanism” – Times UK


August 14th, 2015 – 

RT Russia – translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski – 

“Accomplices” of Putin are growing in Europe like mushrooms”

Vladimir Putin has no shortage of assistants in Europe, believes
the British journalist, Roger Boyes. Many left-wing politicians, whether
deliberately or not, are advantageously aiding the Kremlin’s anti-American
stance. After general elections in several European countries, the club of
“useful idiots” is expecting reinforcement by the British Labor Party, Scottish
nationalists, and Spanish opponents of austerity, the Times writes.

The expanses of Europe, from Greece to London, are full of
“useful idiots” who, consciously or unconsciously, are helping Russia in this
difficult hour by criticizing the West, the Times writes.

“Greek ministers in Hawaiian shirts, Spanish opponents of
austerity with pony-tails, and the residents of North Islington – all of these
inhabitants of the “red planet,” in the author’s opinion, are blaming the West
for Russia’s feeling that it is insufficiently protected.

Thus, the representative of North Islington in the British
Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, recently stated that Poland shouldn’t have been
allowed to join NATO, as it gave Ukraine a distant hope for European
integration and thereby provoked the reunification of Crimea with Russia. In
Corbyn’s opinion, Russia had the “right” to feel secure within its own borders,
British journalist Roger Boyes wrote in the Times.

According to Boyes, this “nauseating” logic ignores the
cornerstone of Western policy since 1989 – the understanding that Western,
liberal values can help the East and Russia modernize. However, anti-American
left-wing politicians in Europe never accepted the model of a world which is
“free to change without the prior approval of the Kremlin.”  Now they have all risen to the defense of the
prerogative of Moscow to maintain its sphere of influence, the journalist

One doesn’t have to be a leftist to reasonably oppose the
inclusion of Ukraine in the European Union, Boyes admits, however, the
apologists of Putin base their stance on another conviction, namely that
Eastern societies are conditioned by history and function best under the
control of strong leaders whom they accept in the international arena.

Most useful of all for the Kremlin are those “idiots” who are
closer to power, as the example of the Greek Prime Minister, who tirelessly
supported the dialogue with Moscow over the debt crisis in his country, shows.
In this club, reinforcements are awaited, and for a number of candidates – such
as the Scottish National Party and the Spanish “Podemos” – there are probably
spaces already reserved, the British journalist supposes. As for now, Russia is
awaiting the results of general elections in these countries.

Putting up with the West, for Vladimir Putin, means nothing more
than wasting their energy, Boyes believes. 
The Russian president takes seriously the idea of a multinational
community which denies American values, puts the protection of human rights on
the back burner, and focus on the creation of wealth. Especially this is what
he’s trying to bring about in the Eurasian Economic Union. The European left,
which is searching for the position of Putin, will have to submit to such an
agenda, the Times states.

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