“Evening Russophobia” cartoons [ENG voiceover]


Source: Tubus Show Youtube Channel. Translated by Tatzhit.

Previously, the author made random
cartoons for his own amusement. Now with the new Cold War, he decided to
make hilarious political ones. Enjoy:

Evening Russophobia: Interview with Ukrainian civilian [ENG Voice]

Evening Russophobia #2: Klitschko and Russian invasion maps [ENG Voice]

Russian Transformer: Training Ground [ENG Subs]

Putin’s Bunker: Secret Weapon Testing

Please don’t read too deeply into these.
Guy makes cartoons for his own amusement, if he wants to draw a killer
cyborg Lenin and Putinoctopus – why not?

As Freud told his teenage daughter when explaining her dreams – “Honey, sometimes a banana is just a fruit”.

PS. The Klitschko piece obviously refers to things presented in this article about “Vitaly Goldentongue” 

PPS. One more, a different type but by the same author

“Double Standards” (30 sec cartoon – how Western media shows the horrors of war) [ENG subs]

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