Former Russian spy: The Chinese don’t play chess. Part 1


August 19, 2015

Andre Devyatov

A former Russian spy in China on nuclear and space matters, deported from China. Member of the Russian branch of the International Academy for Research of the Future, Deputy Director of the Institute of the Russian-Chinese Strategic Cooperation. 

Translated for Fort Russ by Kristina Rus

A selection of thoughts about China
Posted in December, 2012

Civilization for the Europeans is a sum of knowledge. For the Chinese, civilization – is a light of symbols. Symbols were left by the great ancestors. Ancestors for the Chinese were aliens. They call us “the white monkeys,” they wrote it in their textbooks. In the sky there are stars of the Milky Way, and on earth there are the Chinese, and there are as many of them, as the stars in the sky, and they are the best of the best. All the Chinese know that the ideas of Mao Zedong are his poems, and not at all his books.

Genghis Khan of our days of course is Stalin and the socialist camp. It is the exact copy of the great empire of Genghis Khan.


Brzezinski has the great chess board. There are black and white. The white begin and win by grabbing the initiative. But the Chinese don’t play chess. Deng Xiaoping was an emperor, but did not occupy any post, except he was a lifetime chairman of the Chinese association of bridge players. Cards are not played by two people, but by 4, at least.  3 people play bridge, and the fourth is a fool. Russia is a fool with open cards. The game was ordered by the USA. The Americans ordered the game. Russia along with the Big 8 is a fool. They play with open cards, they will play as Americans say. Americans know what cards has Russia and Europe. They ordered the game. Who are they playing against? Against China, on the other side is the Finintern.

The USSR, as a successor of the Comintern, used to be an older brother. USSR died. Comintern appeared a lot later than the Finintern. Finintern plays with China as a partner. Against whom? Their goal is to obstruct the USA. 

How can you play? In cards you can pass a turn. You can give a turn to another hand, you can maneuver. Russia could have had a game if Russia played cards with China. For Russia China is important, because America is the most developed country, which has hit the growth limit first. Their development hit the limit. This was told at the Roman club in the 1960’s. China is the most dynamically developing country. They have the highest growth rate. What are they doing? Americans are slowing down, they are tired, their time is over. And the Chinese are picking up speed. The baton must be transferred. Who will be the winner of this race? China. Why? Because with such a partner as Finintern there are no worries. And as far as the crisis, the beneficiary of the crisis will be the Chinese, and if Russia doesn’t understand, and continues to remain America’s fool, the next hand will be ordered by China. Russia, will you play, or will you be China’s fool?


Good day, dear viewers of “ChinaPro”. I was asked to answer some questions, which I hope will cause interest among those who want to understand what is China and how to work with the Chinese without getting into trouble.

Control of time, that is control of the future – is a sphere of strategy. Strategy – is capturing the future and using it to your benefit. Capturing the future is accomplished by the Chinese with stratagems. Stratagem is a military ruse. And for the Chinese strategy is an endless path of ruse. Never ending. And overcoming problems (achieving victory in Russian) is achieved by ruse, mainly by every day practice in peaceful time. And victory without using weapons, without using violence, without using tools of physical or other pressure – is the crown of the art of winning.


Hieroglyph is a symbol a little lower than a number, and a little lower than music.

For a Western person everything the Chinese think about seems like ruse. 

The Chinese think in terms of trees with canopies, and the Westerns – in terms of telegraph poles.


Chinese are very particular about saving face. Loosing face is unacceptable. The Chinese are saving their own face, but will not bring their opponent to total humiliation. 

A Roman legionary is a symbol of the West. A Roman legionary steps on the corpse, pierced by a sword, the corpse has been stripped. This is a symbol of Western victory. 

The symbol of Arab victory – the enemy is captured, his left eye has been poked out and he is turned into a slave. 

Chinese victory – the enemy must accept the formal vassalship, must bring local goods, bow, crawl on his knees, beg for grace, but can do whatever he wants at home.

Russian victory – Vanya opens his soul, puts all the enemies around one table and together with everyone forgives everyone. 

Can you build a relationship with the Chinese without a formal vassalship? The Chinese have a hierogliph which means “a blood union”. This blood union may replace a strategic relationship with a neighbor with the dismissive attitude towards a neighbour (“he is a barbarian,” only good for rent). Can you turn it into something else? Yes. It is called a blood union. It is a strategic blood union. It can be achieved. But for that you need sincerity. If there is no sincerity but a strategic sabotage, there can be no blood union.  If you have achieved a sincere relationship with the Chinese, then there is no better partner. He will pawn his property, go to all sacrifices, will get you out of jail, will do everything possible, will go to all lengths for which a westerner will never go.


A unit of measure is not population. Chinese Yuan is not baseless. Yuan is covered by the mass of goods. This mass of goods is produced by a 21’st century factory. There is no emptiness behind a Chinese Yuan.  

The dollar is covered by may be 4-7 cents. Everything else is a bubble. 

What is a rouble? A rouble is nothing, because if there is something behind the rouble, then we have to say “we no longer want to be American’s fools and want to turn to our own units of measure, and calculate a resource-based rouble, we will calculate the Gold which has not been stolen (which is in the ground) and our rouble will be the strongest, it will be based on the natural resources which have not been yet been stolen”. The Gold is in the safe. It can’t be moved, and what has not been extracted yet cannot be stolen or moved.

Therefore Russia from a financial standpoint can be a top player, who can take the bank, but for that it needs to play.

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