Former Russian spy: The Chinese don’t play chess. Part 2


August 19, 2015

Andre Devyatov

A former Russian spy in China on nuclear and space matters, deported from China. Member of the Russian branch of the International Academy for Research of the Future, Deputy Director of the Institute of the Russian-Chinese Strategic Cooperation. 

Translated for Fort Russ by Kristina Rus

A selection of thoughts about China
Posted in December, 2012

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The relationship between Russia and China is called “a strategic cooperation”. And the relationship between China and the US is called “constructive partnership”. What is the difference between a strategic cooperation and a constructive partenrship? A Russian person will say, “constructive partnership” sounds so so, but a “strategic cooperation” sounds a lot better.

 According to Brzezinski who talked about the great chess board, Chinese constructive partnership with America has already exceeded all strategic scale, and has become interdependent, they are twin brothers. Where does the constructivity come from? Because China and USA are counter-agents, facing each other on the two sides of the front. The front relationship is much more meaningful than a relationship with neighbors. 

What was that agreement, signed by Putin in 2001? About “neighborly relations.”

If I am the commander in chief, my main enemy is across the front, with whom I decide the matter of war and piece. War – is a contest, tender for ideas.

Who is a neighbor? It’s someone with whom I establish an cooperation. A cooperation is not achieved at the front, it is achieved with neighbors, with someone who is on the side. Russia for China is something that is on a side. And USA for China is face to face. Therefore “strategic cooperation” is on a much lower level than “strategic partnership”. China and USA are competing for a position of a world leader, this is where the constructivity comes from. 

They are not enemies, they are in a race, jumping over the post-industrial barrier. The finish line will be the new society, not the consumer society left behind, but the knowledge economy society, which is ahead. Whoever gets there first will get a prize. In this regards China and America are in constructive partnership. Yes they are running and pushing. Chinese are pushing with soft power, the Americans are pushing with their elbows with rough power. 

And who is Russia? Somewhere over there, just a neighbor, not a leader. 

At this moment I see constructive partnership between China and USA, and a strategic cooperation between USA and Russia, while it looks like a strategic sabotage for Russia, because Russia doesn’t have its own game. Russia is playing with open cards. So the Americans say, what gas and oil pipelines? No! Russia signs some papers with the Chinese and doesn’t follow through, and the Chinese are recording it in the register of unfulfilled promises. Promised this, and failed this, promised, failed .. This is a proof of strategic sabotage. So when you say, is Russia playing a game? Yes, it is playing a game, it is playing a fool in a game, ordered by the Americans.


Don’t underestimate the Financial International. The global financial oligarchy has been established long ago, in the 17th century and has excellent technologies of shifting from one unit of measure of wealth to another unit of measure of wealth. 

Please pay attention how to how the Finacial International is pumping China with gold, because fund zeroes and currency zeroes are just zeroes, and gold is grams and ounces and carats. 

Therefore even such little understood matters as increasing the Chinese gold reserves in 2007 by 650 tons, in 2008 – by 700 tons, and in 2010 – it was announced – by 1,300 tons. So in 2009 you can assume it was 1000 tons. Were do these tons come from? China has successful gold mining industry, and how much gold there is in China is classified. But the Chinese proudly declare that they have surpassed South Africa in yearly gold mining. South Africa mines 280 tons per year, and the Chinese mined 290 tons. The issue is not how much, but that Gold is a natural unit of measure of wealth. What’s behind the dollar? Nothing. What’s behind the Euro? It’s a clone of a dollar. What is the Euro made of? Cents! What’s gold? Ounces.

And the Chinese are the first in the world in silver. The Chinese used to have a silver standard, because they had more silver than anything in their ground.

And during recalculating wealth into new measure units it will turn out that the Chinese have the most gold. Finintern did it 3 times. I can tell you the exact years. It happened at least three times. Paper – gold standard- paper- colonial promise notes – gold standard – colonial promise notes – gold standard. 

The entire paper inflation is sterilized and it goes back to grams, ounces. And it will be done. And it will turn out that China has the most gold. Moreover the Chinese republic which has departed to Taiwan, has departed  with the gold reserves. Those gold reserves have been included in the Bretton Woods calculations. Therefore China is a country which has the most metal gold and metal silver. And they can easily recalculate their wealth into these natural units.


The Chinese don’t know letters, they think in symbols, because their thought is recorded not by letters but by symbols. A hieroglyph is a symbol a little below a number and a little below music. Music is the summit of symbols, the next level is mathematics, and the following level is hieroglyphs.  Since the Chinese operate in symbols, to understand symbols you have to compare it to something else. A word with an opposite meaning of symbol is devil. Devil is what divides, and a symbol is what unites. 

Due to the symbolic type of Chinese mentality, compared to European, the Chinese are forced to in abstract matters (and they have no abstraction, because a hieroglyph is concrete, there are more then 40,000 hieroglyphs in a 17th century dictionary), posessing such a written code, recording a thought with symbols, and not letters, in order to depart from the concrete, the Chinese have to resort to abstract images. Images vs. notions. A notion is a telegraph pole, and an image is a tree with a canopy, with roots, with leaves. The Chinese think in terms of trees with canopies, and a Westerner – in terms of telegraph poles. 

Therefore a Westerner has logic, analysis, and the Chinese have ruse, because they can only depart from the concrete through symbols. And these symbolic matters are recorded in Chinese idioms, based on concrete historic-cultural parables. Therefore the Chinese operate with parables. And for a Western person, everything in a Chinese mind seems like a ruse.


Specialists usually don’t write books, and writers don’t know the matter. And only a practic, who ends up outside his professional business can share his life experience, which he has endured.

The infamous Soros did not write books until he got into a tough situation. Same with me. I didn’t write until I was deported from China, declaring me “persona non grata” , when the USSR has been gone for 8 years, and I had no privileges of a Soviet diplomatic passport. 

Before that I was engaged in activities, which are beautifully called “incompatible with diplomatic status”, then I was not welcome in China for 7 years. Lately, the Chinese started paying attention to me. Since I lost, I began to write letters, which turned into words, sentences, which formed some thoughts, which turned out interesting. And the Chinese started to pay attention to these words and sentences. For some reason the opinion of a ‘white monkey’ about what the best of the best ‘yellow people’ do, a view from afar, became interesting to them. As the scripture says: “There is no prophet in your own fatherland.” I gave them an outside view, which became interesting to them. Now I have a friendly relationship with the Chinese. Not that we made up. But they understand me, I understand them, this is what they call “the Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation” in political language.


What is a strategy? Strategy is capturing the future and using it to your benefit. What is a war? It is a never-ending ruse. What is Chinese politics? It’s using certain methods, which are called the “Chinese ruse”. What is a stratogem? A stratogem is military ruse. Open the Dahl dictionary, and it will say “strategem is a military ruse”. 

Therefore the Western approach, logic, exempting the third party, will always lose to the Chinese ruse, because it is built on a different base, a different paradigm.  Stratagem, which is known by the Chinese from old ages, is now called “reflexive programming” in a Western world. If you want to learn what it means, just take any textbook. 

The human consciousness is three-fold. The sky is three-fold. The sky has spheres and the Earth has patches. The symbol of the sky is a circle, and a symbol of the Earth is a square. 

I am sitting at a chess table, and Brzezynsky said that global politics is a great chess board, but the Chinese are playing cards, so it turns out – you didn’t win, but lost, and not in chess, but in cards.

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