Former Ukraine PM: “Follow these Five Steps to Save Ukraine”


August 10th, 2015 , translated by Jafe Arnoldski

presents five steps for the salvation of Ukraine

Ukrainian Prime Minster Nikolai Azarov revealed the essence of the working plan
of the “Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine.”

As a first
step which is necessary to bring Ukraine out of chaos, the politician named an
immediate cessation of the war.

The second
step to which, in Azarov’s opinion, it is necessary to commit is the adoption
of a new constitution which would be based on the principle of federalism.

Azarov called
task number three the restoration of law and order in the country, as well as
the disarmament of illegal bandit formations. On this the politician stressed
that those which will resist should be destroyed.

The fourth
step for the salvation of Ukraine, he notes, will be to repeal all
unconstitutional taxes and laws related to mobilization and the war.

Finally, task
number five according to Azarov is the implementation of the anti-crisis
program developed by the “Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine.”

The previous
day, the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nikolayi Azarov, announced the
establishment of the “Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine,” the purpose of
which, in his words, is to change the current leadership of the country.

For the post
of president of the country, the committee nominated former deputy of the
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Vladimir Oleynik.

“Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine” proposes to establish cooperation with
Crimea uin new conditions, including allowing Ukrainian to freely enter the
territory of the peninsula.


Fort Russ Note from J. Arnoldski – the governments of LPR and DPR do not recognize the legitimacy or authority of the Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine

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