“France has been treated like a doormat!” Why De Gaulle defied the US overlord


Commentary by Nicolas Bonnal in Boulevard Voltaire

August 9, 2015

August 10, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

Why General de Gaulle defied the American overlord

I get such rude comments whenever I deal with the subject of de Gaulle, that I’m going to — keep right on doing it! 

This clearly marks the progression of these latest times, and the triumph of those who, yesterday or today, would have us subservient to the Germany of the conglomerates or to the America of the trusts. One can also read with relish on this subject, the very good interview with the lucid and courageous Jean-Pierre Chevènement, published by Marianne July 10, which warns against the US overlord and all its officers of the right and the left.

So, I will continue on de Gaulle, if my polite commentators will permit, with the following comments.

About the landing of June 6, 1944, here is what de Gaulle declares to Alain Peyrefitte* in 1964: “France has been treated like a doormat! Churchill called me from Algiers to London on June 4, called me into a train where he had established his headquarters, like a squire summoning his butler. And he announced the landing, with no French units scheduled to participate. We clashed sharply. I reproached him for submitting to orders from Roosevelt, instead of imposing the European will on him. “

Churchill — from an American mother, a dangerous adventurer in war and politics, who was a man of America** before being a man of England (ousted in 1945 amidst booing, he left behind an England “victorious” but ruined, abased, and without empire) — responds to the General: “De Gaulle, you say that when I have to choose between you and Roosevelt, I always prefer Roosevelt! When we have to choose between the French and the Americans, we always prefer the Americans! When we have to choose between the mainland and the open sea, we always choose the open sea! “

And the General slashed with a threatening tone: “And you want me to go commemorate their landing, when it was the prelude to a second occupation of the country? No, no, do not count on me!”

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Then Charles de Gaulle gives his view of events, to be considered with great care: “The landing of June 6 was the affair of the Anglo-Saxons, from which France was excluded. They were determined to settle in France as they would in enemy territory just the way they had in Italy and as they were about to do in Germany! They prepared their AMGOT*** that was supposed to govern France with sovereignty wherever their armies advanced.” 

“They had already printed up their fake money, which would have had had enforced legal tender. They would have behaved as in a conquered country. ” 

In fact, AMGOT scrip began to circulate at that time of military occupation.  They were proclaiming — the euro! 

And our “spirited speaker” concluded: “Come, come, Peyrefitte! You need more memory than that! We must commemorate France, not the Anglo-Saxons! Tell your journalists.”


French Minister of Education : 1967–1968.


Not exact. Churchill was never an American. President Kennedy got him named an honorary American citizen in 1963


AMGOT: Allied Military Government of the Occupied Territories. For the French, this was hugely insulting. Cf.AMGOT French Banknotes

Translator’s comment: Plainly enough, as certified by the equation Bonnal makes between AMGOT scrip of 1944 and today’s euro, this is intended as commentary on US overlordship today. On the subject of Ukraine, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, Secretary of the Academie Française said “it is especially necessary that the United States does not get involved.”^^   So it is heartening to see calls in France for French and European independence! 

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