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Umba village

August 22, 2015

Dmitry Lekukh, author and journalist


Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

… Actually, there is nothing new in everything that is occurring now on the territory of the former great Russian and then Soviet empires.

Everything had already happened.

And the great Eastern European nation of Rurikovichi ‘balanced’ with the analogue of the “medieval EU” – no less great Carolingian Empire: the descendants of Charlemagne.

And Prince Daniel Galitsky chose the “Western vector of development”.

And the great Prince Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky built an alliance with the great steppe Empire of Genghisids, ruling China at that time – a potential ally to the Russian Federation today.

And the princes of the era of ‘feudal fragmentation’ looted their own country and didn’t behave any better than the oligarchs of the times of the ‘roaring nineties’ and ‘Semibankirschina.

And the Great Rus ‘shrunk’ into a small Duchy of Moscow.

And again there were the new ‘westernizers’, supporters and vassals of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the princes of Smolensk and Tver, as well as the ‘Hanseatic Novgorod Oligarchic Republic’.

And the first ‘Tsar of a new kind,’ Ivan the IV, and the first Russian ‘dissident-westernernizer, ‘Prince Andrey Kurbsky cursed each other in their correspondence.

And then Moscow was busy gathering the Russian lands  – ‘annexed’ the Novgorod region, Kazan, Astrakhan and Siberia. And have absorbed different, not only Slavic ethnic groups, but Finno-Ugric, Turkic, and the warring Caucasian tribes.

And then Russia was trying to cut ‘the window to Europe’: first not very successfully during the reign of the last Rurik, Tsar of Moscow and All Russia, Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible. And then, more successfully, during the formation of the Russian Empire and the reign of the first Russian Emperor, Peter Alekseevich Romanov [Peter the Great].

And there were also the ‘times of troubles’ between those Tsardoms.

And how many times they tried to ‘Eurointegrate’, ‘civilize’ and bring us to the ‘European standards’: from the Poles to the Bonaparte and all the way to Adolf Hitler.

And I’m not talking about ‘dog-knights’ and the ‘White Finns’ …

What I am implying now?

Our times are just a small page, a small ‘dam with a return flow’ on the great river of the Russian history. And all these eras of ‘oligarchic fragmentation’ and ‘parades of sovereignties ‘always ended the same: the revival of Russian statehood and the gathering of the Russian lands.

Well, this is our country, our civilization.

Ancient and diverse.

Sometimes bright and joyous, sometimes tyrannical and sinister, but always – great.

Well, for those domestic ‘liberal modernists’ who somehow believe that the history of human civilization begins with American separatists adopting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the construction of Shining-city-on-the-hill, personally, I love to tell them one simple tale. My friends and I every year go salmon fishing ” in the North on the Kola Peninsula, not far from the wonderful Russian Pomor village of Umba on the North shore of the icy White sea.


This beautiful Pomor village was founded in 1466.

When the territory of the United States was overrun solely by the Indians and the buffaloes, and the ancestors of those who Obama refers to as “the exceptional nation” were a common riffraff of the port of Liverpool, the “white trash”, potential gallows clients and bastards. No, there is nothing shameful in that, history of humankind knows many “squiggles”, but this should be very clearly understood.

Editor’s note: 

Due to the focus on people’s right to self-determination (which has been ignored and misconstrued by the elites on the territory of the former USSR) what is often forgotten is the ‘oligarchic drive for fragmentation’. Local elites will always strive for autonomy, unless the threat of their survival is greater than the opportunity to benefit from greater local control (as in the case of small nations which historically looked up to Russia for protection from greater outside threats.) Therefore ‘the parade of sovereignties ‘of the 1990’s has to be viewed through the lense of ‘oligarchic fragmentation.’

Today’s aggressive Western approach often achieves the opposite results when compared to modern Russia’s offer of mutually beneficial cooperation, and the natural pull of these nations towards Russia must be broken with large financial investments into public brainwashing and turbulent coups with the hands of oligarchs for sale, which is not sustainable, because you can not fool an empty stomach.

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